Monday, July 13, 2015

Viva Las Vegas {Behind the Scenes}

Where to start?? Vegas was soooo much fun! I only live an hour or so from Vegas, so it wasn't my first rodeo, but this was my first year attending the conference and I'll never miss another. It was so worth every bit! It was so much fun meeting all of my virtual sped buddies in person and so many of the TpT celebrities! So much inspiration....and the Venetian is just amazing!

Our Suite

Our View

My virtual sped buddies that I've been collaborating with online for over a year......I finally got to meet them in person!! :)

A few other sped teachers I had the privilege to meet!

The blogger meet up was just amazing! I got to meet the Go Noodle students will love this picture!

 And I finally got to meet this girl! My sweet friend Susan from "School Bells & Whistles."

And holy cow...look at all this swag we got when we got there!!! Big shout out to all of these companies for sponsoring the meet-up and to all of the bloggers that spent so much time organizing it!

The sessions were so informational and inspiring! These are the sessions I attended, except I switched "Do this, Not that" to "First Grade Blue Skies" session and so happy I did! Jennifer is a fabulous and funny presenter and super sweet!

If you plan to go in the future, I highly recommend a binder like this. It was the best thing ever for staying organized!

Jennifer White from "First Grade Blue Skies!" Just loved her. She has the sweetest twang from Alabama!

And the infamous Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills! I still can't believe I actually have a picture with them!! I was so nervous, but they are super sweet ladies!

And OMG, saving the best for last....yes I got a picture with Paul, the founder of TpT!!! OMG, his arm is on my shoulder! This picture definitely shows the pure look of excitement on my face! Does it not?

I also got a pic with "The Teeny Tiny Teacher," but it's just too horrible (of me, not her) to share!

Erin Cobb is the sweetest, most genuine down to earth person ever! Her session was phenomenal! She shared all of her secrets and I took so much away from her session....including this awesome custom planner that she GAVE all of her attendees! I am so super excited to own it! She also included a CD in the back with tons of clipart! Just wow!

I didn't do alot of shopping while I was there, but I am super excited to get these photo cubes I've been wanting for super cheap and these mini pointers for my kiddos!

Hubs and I hung out in the evenings and he won $1800 on this machine!

So we figured that called for a limo ride to Fremont Street with these lovely people we met on the game! :)
Now that's the way to end Vegas! 

So much fun, good times, inspirations, collaboration, good food, and good friends!

Thanks to "The Elementary Entourage" for putting on this linky! Head over to their blog to read about other experiences or to link up your own experience if you were there!


  1. Thanks for your post! Looks like we attended some of the same sessions @ TpT!
    Palma from

  2. Oh my goodness! I love that picture of you and Paul! $1800?? Then a limo to Fremont Street? What?! I want to hang out with you!! That's is awesome. Your post made me smile. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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