Monday, September 21, 2015

A Solution For Your Fidgety Student & Win a Set!!!

I am big on sitting skills along with other learner behaviors! I feel that being able to sit properly and maintain a calm body is critical to learning. When students can't sit properly in a chair and are constantly fidgeting around everywhere, little learning occurs. I dedicate time to teaching appropriate sitting skills for my students that need it. Once I can teach my students to sit appropriately, it is then that I can engage them in learning. 

I have one student that I have been teaching sitting skills to since the end of last school year. He is all over the place, and frequently raring on two chair legs. We have tried a smaller chair, a desk, a smaller desk, and even a step below his feet. Nothing has worked. This year I started a token system for his "cool" sitting and we are making progress.......but not as much progress as I had with "Bouncy Bands" today! Just amazing! I am so impressed!

These are some snapshots I took of my fidgety, all-over-the-place student this morning! 

He is literally all over the place! It is so out of control that I even have a frequency chart that he marks everytime his chair legs are caught off the floor! I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the chart so you could see the chart he marks and the frequency!

Then, this afternoon we installed "Bouncy Bands" on his chair.  

The results were really amazing! This is him during whole group instruction!

Still sitting appropriately! Look...even during an activity on the right, feet are still where they should be! WoW! This doesn't happen with this kid!

15 minutes later....still sitting appropriately....AND Learning!
If you knew this student, you would know that this is really just amazing for this child! 

Here's what's interesting though, is that "Bouncy Bands" come in two sizes/styles. 

Large, taller ones that are designed and intended for use with desks....smaller, shorter ones that are designed and intended for chairs.
However, you can see from my pictures and results from my fidgety student that it was just the opposite! I don't use desks in my classroom, so I tried both sizes out on my chairs. The smaller, shorter ones designed for the chair didn't seem to help him and his feet barely reached the band. The larger, longer band was a perfect fit for his chair even though designed for a desk. I can see though where the larger ones would be great for desks!

I'm excited to see if his appropriate sitting skills continue using the "Bouncy Bands," because today the results were absolutely amazing! 

The other great thing is, is that "Bouncy Bands" are super affordable. And if you're looking to buy a class set or looking to write your first Donor's Choose Grant, "Bouncy Bands" has done it for you. They have a link {here} where you can access a sample Donors Choose Application to get your own "Bouncy Bands." 

If you'd like to try one out for yourself before deciding or don't want to wait, you can save 15% for a limited time! Just enter the code "15off" at checkout! 

And better yet, I'm giving away a set!!! Enter below to win a bouncy band to try out in your classroom!
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Read {here} to see what others are saying about "Bouncy Bands!"

Purchase your "Bouncy Bands" now and save 15% with the code "15off." 

Good Luck, and as always....thanks a Bunch!


  1. Wow! I would really love to try these! I have several new students with this problem and one tipped his chair over twice today1

  2. Just found your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am a special educator for Pre-K kiddos and I have never heard of these before. I currently use just an old tire inner tube tied to a chair for one of my students and it constantly has to be readjusted. These are AMAZING!!! I would LOVE to win one of these.


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