Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Simple, Personalized, Digital, Printed....All with Book Creator

Have you heard of "Book Creator?" If not, it is amazing! Creating stories has never been easier! Create personalized social stories for any student in 15 minutes or less! 

"Book Creator" is an iPad app that allows you to create custom digital/printable books with recordings of your voice, if you choose, for your students. 

Here's a sample of a book I created in about 10 minutes!! 

You can also create your books without voice recording too!

Let your students create their own personalized books and record their own voices too!! 

And you can print your books!!! Even if you don't have a wireless printer, you can save your books as a PDF and print them when you have access to a printer! Amazing right!? Here is the same digital book you watched in the video above in printed format. 

Here's just how easy it is!!
Open the book creator app. Choose a book shape! I always choose landscape to make the double sided book like above.

A tutorial automatically comes up to assist you if you still need assistance after you see how easy it is! 

Your chosen cover will display.

Click on the + sign and choose your task. Typically you'll be adding a photo or text. Choose camera to take a current photo for your book, and later you will choose "add sound" to add your voice recording if you choose. I generally choose photo to start. 
 Prior to creating my book, I go to google images and locate all of the images I need and save them to my iPad. That way I can insert them quickly as I add the text to each page. 

Give your book a title and author.

Now click the + again and add "text." Click on the "i" icon beside the + sign to change your font size, color, alignment, and more. Drag the text box to position and enlarge you text. 

Navigate to each page using the arrows and the + and i icons to the top right to add text and pictures to each page.

Once you are done with your book, now you can add your voice to each page, if you would like it to be read to your students. Just click on the + sign again, but this time choose, "add sound," tap the red button, record your voice, and tap the red button again to stop your recording. 
Your book will automatically be saved in Book Creator for your students to retrieve at any time from the app. Your students will tap the speaker on each page to have the text read to them, or choose to read it themselves. Because your students can edit the book within the Book Creator app, I highly recommend saving it elsewhere. I save mine in iBooks. 
To save in iBooks and do many other things with the book, choose the third icon up top. Here you can send your book to iBooks, pinterest, dropbox, email your book, print your book with a wireless printer, and much more!

If you don't have a wireless printer or need to save and print on a different printer location, you can do that too!!

Go to your book collection using the "my books" tab on the top left. Click on the third icon as you see above, but underneath your cover this time, and choose "export as PDF." Save it to where you can access it to print it. You can also click on "export as video" which is how I was able to insert the video of my birthday book in this post.

Here are a few more samples of some of my student favorites I've created on Book Creator. 

It seriously takes me around 10 minutes to do one book. After you make a couple, you'll whip right through it.  

The Book Creator App is $4.99, but well worth it as you can see! They do offer a free version, but I don't think it has very many features! You will get more than your money's worth with the paid app!! 

Have fun creating awesome books for your special learners! Personalize them any way you'd like to meet your students' needs! 

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