Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Educator of the Year!!!!

Yes, this just happened!!!! Saturday night, I received the most prestigious award I've ever received...The Educator of the Year Award during our Community Achievement Awards Dinner!!

It is so surreal and I'm still having a hard time soaking it in and believing it actually happened!  

I am still finding myself speechless and even debated whether or not to blog about this most amazing moment in my life...which is when I always look to my husband. He is my biggest supporter. He was the motivator behind me opening my TpT store and the reason I hang my B.A., M.Ed., and M.S. degrees on my wall behind my desk. 

I tend to be very modest. But after all, this is a teaching blog, and my special education adventure, so why wouldn't I blog about this amazing experience!!!?? Right!?

So this amazing adventure all started on 9/8 when I received a notification that I had been nominated for the Educator of the Year Award and it has been a whirlwind since.

This is just one category of our Community Achievement Awards that includes 14 categories ranging from Citizen of the Year to Entrepreneur of the Year. The Community Achievement Awards are held every year, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, and includes the areas in our tri-state area; Laughlin, NV, Bullhead City, AZ, Fort Mohave, AZ, and Mohave Valley, AZ. 

Once I received my nomination notification, it was requested that I send in a personal bio of 250-300 words and a 200-300 word statement of my biggest accomplishments. These were then judged and narrowed down by respected judges on the panel to Four top individuals. My essays made it to the top 4!!! This was super exciting in itself!! :)

I was then notified that I had made it to the next step, was in the top four, and now I needed to interview with the judges! 

I made an appointment to interview on 9/29 and when I showed up I was super surprised!!! I was expecting 2-3 there were 11 I believe!!! When I walked into the room, my heart sank and I immediately said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting this many of you." They all asked me one question. I was so nervous, my hands were literally shaking and I was thankful for the chair I sat in that had arms to contain my hands!! I answered all of their questions and left feeling really good about the interview! 

After the interviews were conducted with all four of the top nominees, the judges cast an anonymous vote. Those votes are then compiled to select the winner!! 

We then attended the dinner on 10/24. The night was amazing! I felt like I was at the grammy awards! The service was amazing and the bathroom was no disservice!! Hot towels, scope, special soaps, and body was literally amazing!!! :)

The Set Up for 500 attendees! It was such a beautiful setting...the pictures do no justice!
Displaying photo.JPG
The first hour was happy hour!
The second hour dinner was served...filet mignon!
Exquisite dinner!

The third hour was the awards!!
And then it happened!!! While it was all magical, this moment will never be forgotten!

The pictures aren't the greatest as they're all taken from my phone, and taken by my best friend that knows she is a horrible picture taker...and let's just say she may have had a few cocktails :)! But they are still memories to cherish!!!

When my name got called as Educator of the Year! Look at my sweet hubby giving me a standing ovation!! Love him!
Walking up to get my award!!
Walking the red carpet!

Getting my award!!!
Walking off stage with my award! :)
Hubby and I getting a little emotional!

My hubby and I!

My Best friend came!!!!

Them making me be silly!!! You should see my other ones!!

Thanks so much for sharing my incredibly amazing night with me!!! A day that will not be forgotten!! I am honored to receive this prestigious award and honored to have the privilege to make a difference in students' lives every day!!! :) 


  1. Congratulations! What an amazing achievement and so well deserved!

  2. Wow, congratulations! That's amazing! And might I add, you look fabulous in that dress!

    Years That Ask Questions

  3. Congrats Traci! Soak it ALL in! I had a similar experience when I received the Teacher of the Year award in 2008 given by ARC (Oakland County, Michigan). I echo your sentiments when you said "It is an honor and a privieledge to make a difference in students' lives every day!"

  4. I am so so PROUD of you! You deserve the honor and Special Educators do not get the acknowledgement they so deserve! Amazing! That is not to say that all educators do not get the acknowledgement that they too deserve. This day and age our students are not what they were 10-15 years ago.


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