Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday, Currently, & October Freebie!

I'm always preaching to my kids, "Use your time wisely." Well this week, I'm using my time wisely and linking up with three awesome linkys in one post!! Five for Friday, Currently, and Freebie Friday!!!

I am beyond elated that I was nominated a few weeks ago for the community "Educator of the Year Award." "What?" Last week I discovered that I had been chosen as one of the top four finalists!!! "What?" I interviewed with all of the judges Tuesday and the winner will be announced at a formal black tie dinner on Oct. 24th!!! Super super excited, speechless and honored!!!
My Currently hosted by "Oh Boy 3rd Grade." It's been a few months since I've linked up with Farley for her Currently and so happy I remembered today!! And for the first time ever I'm in the top 50 to link up!
Loving my new flash drive bracelets and reading my comments to discover my fan's favorite products!!! Read more about them here and enter to win one loaded with your favorite products!!! The giveaway ends tonight!
My kids dancing to the "Nae Nae" song on "Go Noodle!" They are obsessed with this song....and with "Go Noodle."

A Halloween freebie for you I'm linking up with "Freebie Friday" that is a sample of my new popular "Sequencing Mats" and "Adapted Sequencing Books," thanks to the awesome pumpkin clipart from "Whimsy Workshop."

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!! :) 
What did you do this week? 


  1. Hi Traci! You are super organised linking up! I really want a book binder too, wishing I bought one earlier in the year when I saw them at Aldi. Good luck finding one.
    Stars and Wishes

  2. Love how you combined the posts! Great time saving tip! Congratulations on being nominated for Educator of the Year Award!

  3. Congrats to you!
    Hoping you win.
    Carla from Utah

  4. Congratulations on your nomination! I haven't used Nae! Nae! with my class, but we'll do it on Monday. I'm sure they'll love it too!
    Always Primary

  5. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! Many thanks for linking at TBA FF!!!

  6. Congrats on your nomination-that is so great! I love love love your flash drive bracelet-SO adorable!!!

    Stomping Through First

  7. My kids are going to be so happy to see that on GoNoodle, lol!

  8. Congratulations! I love your blog. Absolutely adorable.

    Thanks for posting that darling freebie!

    Lynnea from Adventures of a Techie Bookworm


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