Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Want To Save HUNDREDS on INK?!?

I am so amazed at how many teachers are just now discovering, or haven't even discovered the amazing HP Instant Ink program that I thought it was time to write about it! 

If you do a lot of printing, or wish you could, you will want to read on! 

What is so amazing about the Instant Ink program?

1) Save hundreds of dollars on ink.
2) Never EVER run out of ink again. And I mean NEVER!
3) Never go to a store for ink or make an ink purchase again.
4) Whether your printing in b/w or color, it doesn't matter. Color prints cost the same as b/w.
5) Print any time and as much as want.
6) Choose a program that best meets your printing needs. 

Wow!!! What is there not to like about the Instant Ink program? I mean seriously! For a teacher or a homeschool parent, it's a dream come true!

These are the 3 programs you can choose from! Another thing that is great, is you can rollover unused pages!! And it just keeps getting better! If you go over your limit pay only $1 to print another 15-25 pages depending on your plan! 

You can also switch plans any time you'd like. For example, when school is in session, I typically print everything at school so I subscribe to the middle program for $4.99 a month. During the summer, I print a lot at home, so in June I switch to the $9.99 program. You can also cancel at any time!

Your printer communicates with HP and notifies them when it's time to send you more ink cartridges. Don't worry, they send them early so you'll always have your replacement cartridges well before you run out!

Your ink will arrive in this box!

You won't always receive two at the same time. Sometimes your printer may only notify HP that you need color, or just b/w. 
Inside your box you'll find a bag like this! Once you run out of ink and replace your cartridge, place your old cartridge(s) in this pouch and drop in the mailbox! No postage needed!

To get in on this amazing money saving program, you will need to have a compatible HP printer. Not all of their printers work with Instant Ink. However, they have a large list of printer buying options that you can access on their sign up page. 

This is the printer I have. It is the HP 4630. It is the cheapest Instant Ink printer, only costed $100 and prints wonderfully!

A year and a half ago when I jumped on this deal, I thought so too! Hear it straight from HP in this video.

 Stop spending a fortune on ink and getting frustrated when you run out in the middle of your project! Sign up here! And better yet...when you sign up using this referral link, your first month is FREE!! 

This is one investment that you will not regret! In fact, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!!

I think I've explained everything you need to know, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

Happy Printing,


  1. Thank you so much for this invaluable information! I ran out and bought a printer and wanted to let you know that I used your referral link to sign up for the program. So we both get a month free!! I too am a special ed teacher, but don't have a blog. I'm so thankful I came across yours!! Happy Summer!

    1. Thanks Natalie!!! Glad you found this post and especially thrilled that we both got a free month of ink!

  2. My husband bought an HP printer a few weeks before you posted this blog. I am so thankful that I found out we qualify for the instant ink program. It is hard to find time to print at school since we only have one color printer for everyone and I like to print what I can on cardstock so it will last longer. When I signed up they were having a promotion for 3 free months so I can't wait to see how this program will help me. Sorry, I didn't notice the referral until now :(
    Thank you for the information though!!

  3. Are these printers laser printers or just regular ink?!

  4. Actually Laser printer do better performance but the price still unaffordable

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