Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The Ultimate Behavior Toolbox has finally been released and I'm so excited!!! Scheduled for the end of June and just a few days late, but I promise it will be worth the wait! 

If you're struggling with behaviors in your classroom, The Ultimate Behavior Toolbox is here to the rescue! Whether you're a general Ed teacher, special Ed teacher, or a brand new teacher, this kit will assist you in dealing with frustrating, agonizing behaviors that have you at your wits end! And if you're a new teacher that just simply doesn't know where to begin; this toolbox has everything you need to set up a successful behavioral management system in your classroom!

These informational pages will guide you every step of the way; from how to collect data and conduct a reinforcer assessment, to how to develop a behavior plan and a crisis management plan.

Simplified data collection tools with detailed directions and samples! You will love my self-graphing sheets! Phenomenal! And look, some of them are even editable!

Struggle writing behavior plans?? Don't even write them half the time when you know you should? No fear! I will walk you through the process and simplify behavior plans with you!

If you've read my other behavior posts before, you know that I am a BIG fan of self-monitoring!!! Self-monitoring is powerful! Not to mention, it saves you a ton a work! Whenever possible, my students keep my data! Now yours can do it too!

Set up an effective clipchart system in your classroom with my easy step-by-step instructions...AND take home sheets in 3 different formats! 

Other essential forms that include a behavior summary for other staff members to sign off on and a cheat sheet for calculating intensity, frequency, and duration. 

Whole group token board, menu token boards, and more! Also includes my Token Board Bundle of 26 token boards from my store. 

I use the "Cool, not cool" program in my classroom, adapted from Ron Leaf of Autism Partnership. It's very effective and I've included the cards in the toolbox!

Teaching and shaping a behavior requires many tools, including patience and consistency. It does not happen overnight. It can sometimes take weeks or even a year or two to teach students with more sever disorders.

This ultimate toolbox includes every single form, tip, and trick that I use in my classroom! I have been very successful at shaping and changing behaviors in my classroom and I am happy to finally consolidate all of these successful resources to share with you!

And look at all of the editable forms!! Easily customize the forms in Adobe to meet your students' needs!

Take a look here!

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