Monday, February 20, 2017

20 FREE Classroom Websites!

There are so many classroom websites out there that can be such beneficial resources for our students. Yet, many of them can be pricey and many of us do not have the funds to purchase these websites. Today I'm here to share a list of great websites with you that are completely FREE to use in your classroom! Click on each laptop below to visit each one. 

I love Xtramath and use it every day in my classroom. This is a math fact fluency website that allows students to practice their math facts each day. You can set it up for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or mixed. It's very easy to use and I love how it progresses with my students, repeating the math facts that they get wrong until they master them.

This is a great site that my students love! It is an online library with popular book titles that are read to the students by popular role-models.

Front Row is a K-8 standards-based site that targets Math, ELA, and Social Studies. I cannot believe it is free! Students take a diagnostic test and are given assignments based on their levels. Teachers can also assign specific assignments to their students. Reports are also available for free and they even email them to you each week.

Khan Academy is another wonderful standards-based site where students can learn at their own pace and teachers can personalize assignments as well. Reports are also available for free to monitor student progress.

Moby Max is a K-8 curriculum for Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. They offer both a free and paid subscription. I love the free Moby Max version, but their paid version offers so many awesome features. The free version provides students access to all of the lessons, so it's great for free practice, but with the paid version, you get access to the reports, diagnostic testing, progress monitoring tools, and even an IEP goal section which is a wonderful tool for monitoring and tracking IEP goals. I highly recommend trying this site.  

If you haven't tried Go Noodle, you are missing out! My students beg for it! If you need to add some brain breaks into your classroom and get your students moving, this is your go-to!

Many people do not know that abcmouse is FREE for teachers! It is an award-winning curriculum for children 2-8 years old and students just love it. You can also customize each child's lessons and view reports to monitor their progress. I love that it goes back to age 2 and provides life skills lessons for my lower functioning students. I actually wrote a blog post last month about this site alone that you can read here.  

Sheppard Software is another site my students enjoy and is very appealing for children. They have hundreds of educational games and activities for every subject area. 

I love this site!! It is a jackpot of free websites for K-5 that someone has compiled into subject areas into this one site! Here you will find something for everyone. 

Starfall is a fun site and a great tool for students working at a KG to first grade level and just learning to read. It features lots of basic skills activities, phonics, holiday themed activities, and lots of songs. It also has a great calendar section that can be used for teaching morning calendar. 

Another favorite of my students! Abcya is geared for K-5 and provides a wealth of educational games in ELA and Math that are very engaging for students.

Spelling City allows you to create and save word lists for your students, as well as allows them to take their spelling test online. Another awesome perk is that they provide a variety of word lists/vocabulary banks for you to choose your words from based on the skill you are teaching. 

Reading Bear is a fun and engaging site for students just learning basic phonics sounds and learning how to read. It is easy to navigate and very student-friendly. 

Help Kidz Learn is an online learning site designed specifically for Special Education students. Their learning activities cater to a wide range of students with complex and severe needs and are you ready for this....the activities are also accessible using adaptive switches, touch, or even eye gaze. Love this!

This is a cute site that offers games, videos, books, and songs that primarily focus on teaching children life lessons, and how to feel good about themselves. It is a great site for building character and classroom community, or even for a specific behavior you might be teaching a student.

Math Playground is a great and easy to navigate site for providing students in grades 1-6 math skills practice in a fun way. It is very inviting and engaging for students and another one that my students love!

This site is alot like Sheppard Software. Kids love it! It offers tons of games, activities, coloring pages, clipart for students to use, puzzles, and themed activities for every holiday!

Fun Brain is another popular site with my students and is geared for students in K-8. This site offers educational videos and games in reading and math, a math arcade, and a playground students can just have fun in. You might also like Fun Brain Jr

This is a fabulous site and allows young adventurers to explore the world and learn how it works. They can watch videos and read all about the earth, planets, plants, animals, and more. Wonderful resource!

Kahoot! This last one is the only one listed that I have not actually used, but I have heard some pretty amazing things about it. I haven't had the chance to try it out with my students yet, so maybe you can! If you do, or if you already use it, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. 

Hopefully you learned about some great websites that you didn't already know about and hope your students love them too! Don't forget you can click on each website above to be taken directly to each site. Also, be sure to share these sites with your students' parents too, so they can get even more practice at home!  

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