Thursday, January 11, 2018

Create the Perfect Snow Day...No Matter Where You Live!

Have the perfect snow day...even if you don't live where it snows! When you live in the desert, sometimes you just have to improvise! LOL! 

Many of my students have never gotten to experience the magical childhood fun of snow, so I try to create that magical experience at school!

Here's how you can create the perfect snow day for your matter where you live!

1. Dim the lights and display a crackling fire on your board or wall! Here's the one I used here.

2. Make cocoa with your students. Use instant cocoa, or make it fun with this homemade recipe. Don't forget to grab some mini marshmallows or whipcream to top it off!

 3. Do this "Snow Blizzard Science Experiment. Your students will go NUTS!

4. Add some snowy winter cheer by decorating your door.

Look how super easy they are. Even if you're not crafty, you could do these! Click each picture for photo credit.

5. Make homemade snow!
All you need is:
2 lb. box of baking soda
3/4 can of shaving cream
Blue glitter, optional

Mix both together until you reach the desired consistency and can make a snowball. Let your students build mini snowmen. *Recipe makes enough for about 6 students. 

*This experiment is also a part of my amazing  "Science for a Year" kit and includes 3 differentiated worksheets that go with this experiment. 

6. Make coffee filter snowflakes. Not only are they pretty, but they are super fun, easy, and CHEAP! 

7. Make marshmallow snowmen. These turned out so cute! Inspired by Kim & Kelly's Kreations, we made these today and my students loved making them. Even better, once they made their snowman, they got to eat it!

Enjoy your snow day!!!

See even more SNOWY activities by following my Winter Fun Pinterest board!

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