Friday, April 19, 2019

Earth Day Recipes FREE

What do you have planned for Earth Day on Monday? Typically Earth Day is focused on helping the Earth by doing things such as recycling, planting, or picking up trash. But why not spruce it up and add a dash of cooking in? 

I have two Earth Day themed recipes that your students will love!

Click here to download these FREE sample recipes from my best-selling educational "Cook to Learn" Unit!

Another fun one to do on Earth Day is "Worms in Dirt Cups." 

You can find all of these and over 40 more kid-friendly recipes in my "Cook to Learn" Educational Cooking Unit. 

What makes "Cook to Learn" so educational?
Through cooking, students are exposed to reading, sequencing, following directions, measurement, and other mathematical operations! By downloading "Cook to Learn" you'll also receive all of the other activities that supplement these recipes to include:

-Recipe Sequencing Activities
-Recipe Persuasive Writing (2 options)
-Recipe How to Paragraph Writing (2 options)
-Recipe Opinion Writing (2 options)
-Recipe Graphic Organizers 
-Grocery List Template for Students
-Recipe Survey/Graphing Activities
-Take Home Recipe Cards
-A Printable Chef Hat Template

Already have your Earth Day planned out? Click here and save it to your Pinterest Board for next year.

Check out this post for even more Earth Day inspiration!

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