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I am a KG - 3rd grade self-contained special education teacher. I have been teaching special education for 12 years. I teach at a rural school and have students with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Severe Learning Disabilities, and Emotional Behavioral Disorders. I'm dedicated or you might say obsessed with providing the best learning experience for all of my students and with providing an environment that they love coming to every day. In my classroom we are all family!

My specialty is behavior. I am especially passionate with working with behavioral students and shaping behaviors. I love taking that challenging child that no one can do anything with and showing others that they can learn. That is the most rewarding!

On a side note, I crave organization and unorganized people are probably one of my biggest pet peeves! I like to do things in advance and always, or at least try, to be prepared. Last minute doesn't work for me. If I say I'll do something, you can count on it!

On a personal note, I am happily married to my best friend and have a daughter, 25, and a son that is 23, and who has a learning disability. We love the outdoors and love to go camping, sightseeing, and enjoy hanging out on our beautiful Colorado River. We currently reside in Nevada.


  1. I am a special education teacher in Kansas. I have three daughters - one with a learning disability. I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. I am also a Special Education Teacher in self-contain classroom for 6 years. I love teaching students that other teachers have given up on, all children can learn, but each one learns in a different way. Have been married to my best friend for over 24 years, we have 30 year old son, two daughters 28 & 25 year old. We have one wonderful daughter-in-law and 7 beautiful and wonderful grandchildren, who are our heart strings. I would like to have an editable copy of your wonderful lesson plans. I have been trying to get better organize in making sure everyone knew exactly what they needed to be working on and with which group. I just love the layout of your lesson plans. Enjoy your blog.

    Marla Townsend, Special Education Teacher
    Lumberton, North Carolina

  3. Hi Mary, I'm happy to share my plans! What is your email?

  4. Hi Traci,
    I'm relocating to Las Vegas to teach 3-5 special education LLD. Any suggestions on how to set up my class or state legislation I should know about. I have taught special education for the past 4 years, and gen ed for 2 years before that.

    1. Not really. It is a great district to work for. I have been with CCSD all together for ten years! We are a common core state. Are there any specific questions you have?

  5. I am a relatively new (2nd yr) SPED teacher. I have a very unusual K-12 classroom. I struggle with a few things. Is it possible to speak over the break? Email me at jparker@fergflor.org and I will give you my phone number.

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