Friday, December 28, 2012


Hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you are all having a relaxing Winter Break.....I know I am!!! Doing lots of pinning and getting new ideas for the new year..........and last night freshened up my Smartboard program by adding some new pages and new songs. My current morning SB program was becoming a little monotonous for us all after having used it since last school year! 

I know I have been terrible at this blogging thing!!!! I love it so much though....and LOVE reading everyone else's blogs and seeing what everyone has to share.....

I had some great pics to share with everyone and show off all of the holiday things that my class made and that I made, but my memory card is not registering in my computer (could it be the glass of coke that was dumped on my computer last week.....aaahhhh.....maybe?)......and I can't find my camera cord to transfer them that way......Darn it....bums me out! 

Oh well, I'll share a couple of things I found funny on Pinterest, so I'm at least sharing something!

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