Monday, December 31, 2012


Look what I made!!!

Inspired by a pin on Pinterest from "The Idea Room", I made this using only a curtain rod, ribbon, wood (scrap 2x4's we already had laying around the house), family pics, and mod podge!! LOVE IT! 

And so easy.....the hardest part was going through the photo albums, scanning, and printing out the black & white photos. It adds a nice touch to my living room wall. 

Sorry I couldn't post better....and more photos, but my camera is broken, so all I have is the camera on my phone. 

Well it's NEW YEARS EVE!! 

Now to link up with a few of the "New Years" linky parties going on. My New Years Resolutions for 2013 are:

~~~Take more photos of my classroom & class projects. At school, I always forget to take the time to photograph. Then, I see things on other blogs & think "Oh, I've done that"......or...."I could share that," but guess what?.....I didn't take a photo. 
~~~Do more hands-on learning with my kiddos. I teach 5 grade levels & students with various disabilities, so planning can easily consume me & it can be difficult not to have to reinvent the wheel week after week, and year after year in order to meet everyone's individual learning needs. Time restraints just don't allow me to always plan & do everything I want to do with them. 
~~~Come up with a better filing system or way to organize my grade level resources & holiday items/activities more efficiently. I'm pretty organized, but just haven't found the "perfect" method. 

~~~Post at least once a week on my blog. 
~~~Share more resources with others on my blog. There are so many creative teachers out there. I tend to take, take, take, and feel guilty about not giving back more. I'm just not that creative and am still new to using ppt & clipart to design my own resources.
~~~Design a new blog button. 
~~~Get a new blog design. I currently use a free generic one & it just doesn't say "me" or represent who I am!
~~~Host a linky party.....which I have never done!
~~~Reach 100 followers & be able to host my first giveaway!! 

~~~Take more photos at home....of my home projects and of my kids & our adventures. As my kids have gotten older, I've become terrible with taking photos. It seems the older they get, the smaller my photo collection becomes. 
~~~Set aside more time for my family. I spend toooo much time of my spare time working on school stuff that I know I neglect my family time way too often. It's not that I don't manage my time wisely.....there's just always sooooo much to do. I'm sure many of you can relate!
~~~Be more creative & design more things for my classroom. 
~~~Start a TpT store. I would so love to do this....but this is definitely a LONG term goal, cause I have to master the art of designing & start creating first....right?? I've always been a simple MWord kinda girl. I want to get better at using clipart and ppt to design. 
~~~Give myself more credit! This is both a personal and a blogging resolution! I think I'm too hard on myself sometimes. It took me alot of courage to start this blog in July.....because.....well with all the creative teachers out there, I always feel like my ideas are not that good & that no-one will want to read what I have to say or like my ideas. 

WoW!!! When I started writing this post, I didn't realize there were  so many things I wanted to work on next year. It really helps to put it in writing and will hopefully be an incentive!!

If you haven't sure to link up with at least one if not all of the New Year Linky Parties below!!! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! Stay Safe!!

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  2. I'm your newest follower and I share many of your goals. I spent 3 hours last night trying to create a blog button! I don't know how many times I typed those crazy codes and it refused to work. I might need to make my resolution to pay someone to create mine :-)

    I was trying to create an item over the summer and a friend recommended ppt. Prior to that I, like you, was a MSWord kinda girl. Ppt is so much easier for creation! Once you get started, you'll want to do more and more! I never realized how much more user friendly ppt is!

    Happy New Year!

    Mrs. O at

    1. Ppt is so easy and user friendly! And to think the countless hours I spent fighting with MSWord. I was so thankful when another blogger recommended it to me a couple of months ago! If I can remember how I configured the codes for my button, I'll let you know. I know I spend several hours on it! Thanks for following.


  3. Great goals! I would love to start a TPT store too! I'm sure you will have no trouble with that at all; you seem quite creative. :) Happy New Year!


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