Monday, January 20, 2014

K5 Learning Review

A couple of months ago I was asked to review an educational website called K5 Learning. K5 Learning is an online reading and math program for children in grades K - 5. Math and reading are included as well as spelling and math fact activities. Four of my students received a free 6 week trial for participating, so they have been using the site for the last 6 weeks. I must say they really enjoyed K5 Learning and it kept them engaged. Previously, these students were working on the Compass Odessey Learning program during their technology time and they were frequently off task or asking "How much longer?" With K5 Learning, my students were engaged, having fun, and didn't even realize they were learning. They didn't even want to get off the computer when it was time. 

What else is great about K5 Learning is that students take a placement test to start and lessons are individualized for that child. Lessons are adaptive so the program adjusts lessons depending upon their success or their need for review. The program automatically assigns the lessons making it simple for parents or teachers. However, parents or teachers have the freedom and ability to assign specific assignments as they see fit. This is also nice for special education teachers or those who are working with students below grade level, because you have the flexibility and access of every grade level. 

Another thing that I loved about K5 Learning is that with many of the educational sites I have previously used or tried with my students, there were too many games for them to get on, thus distracting them from learning and allowing them to avoid the learning tasks. With K5 Learning, while the lessons and activities are presented in a gamely fashion, they are all learning centered, so there is never any learning time wasted playing games. Even with Compass, students tend to go to the "fun" areas and avoid the curriculum. With K5 Learning, it's all FUN and all EDUCATIONAL. 

Oh and did I mention, reports!?? Progress reports are automatically generated so that you can see and check your child's progress at any time on any given activity! 

And the best part, all four of my students that used the program made gains in reading and math.....and especially with their math facts!!

Why wasn't something like this around when my children were younger.? If I still had children at home in grades K - 5, I would most definitely invest in this program for them. I would also highly recommend it for homeschoolers, and after school or tutoring programs!! As teachers, it is a great program to recommend to your parents for students that need extra practice. I have already recommended it to a couple of my parents.  

I am very sad to lose this program in my classroom and that is the only downfall of the program. K5 Learning is designed for "home use." While it is very affordable for home use, it is not very affordable for purchase for an entire classroom. Subscriptions are as follows:

Monthly Subscription
$25 for first child / $15 for each additional child

Yearly Subscription
$199 for first child / $129 for each additional child

GOOD NEWS is......K5 Learning is offering everyone a FREE 14-day trial!!! So whether you're a teacher, homeschooler, tutor, or parent....head on over, grab your free trial, and check it out!!! Just click on the button below to get your free trial or purchase your subscription!

Online Reading & Math Program for K-5 

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