Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions & Currently

Oh my goodness! Two linkys! I really want to link up with Fifth in the Middle for her blogging resolutions and then, it's the first, so I can't not link up Farley for here goes both!

Just write! I worry too much and spend too much time deciding how to word things. Like right now.....I'm rereading that last sentence seeing if it sounds right. Lol. I need to just write from my heart and stop worrying about how every little thing sounds. Be me!
Which leads to my next resolution.....stop over thinking EVERYTHING! 

I over think every little thing.....writing, lesson plans, IEP's, designing a cover page for a product, fonts, a craft project, you name it! I mean I just spent 15 minutes trying to pick the perfect font style and color for Diane's blogging resolution template above. Isn't that ridiculous? As you can see, I finally just went with my default. It's no wonder, it takes me so long to get anything done. I simply have got to learn to use my time wiser and STOP OVER THINKING everything!!!!!!! I just need to jump in and do what comes naturally! I'd probably blog more too, because it wouldn't take me 3-4 hours to make a post! 

Share my behavior passion! My passion is in working with behavioral children and shaping behaviors. In fact, teaching behaviors is the primary curriculum focus in my classroom! Once I have taught my students "how to learn," it is then that I can begin teaching them academics. I thrive on turning behaviors around and hope to even someday in the far future possibly becoming a behavior mentor. Which leads to my last blogging resolution!

I need to give readers a reason to visit my blog.......something I'm known for sharing. I'm sure there are blogs that are your "go to" for certain things. For instance, I regularly visit "Math Coach's Corner" and "Fun in Room 4B" for math ideas. It's their specialty and they always have fabulous math resources. I visit "Teaching With Love and Laughter" when I need good writing resources for my kiddos. And of course, there's always a visit planned to Farley on the first of every month to link up with Currently! With that being said, and my passion for shaping behaviors, there may be some sort of weekly behavior series in the near future! 

...............And now for a little "Currently." 

Listening - We have been listening to Christmas music daily since before Thanksgiving. I do love it, but enough is enough! Last night, after the New Year, I packed up all of the Christmas more Christmas music!!!!

Loving - Last night after I went to bed, my sweet hubby and son decided to do a little rearranging! They arranged and set up a nice little desk area for me! I wasn't quite sure about it when I first woke up and saw it, but now that I'm using it, I'm liking it! And especially loving that you can see my coffee table now (my old desk).

This is my antique roll top desk. When I went to bed lastnight, my kitchen table was here and this desk was piled with papers, mail,  and all sorts of stuff!

I love that I can close it and hide the clutter! Hopefully it won't get as cluttered as it was since it's being "used."
 This was my work area! My expanding table top coffee table. Yep, right there in that little corner of the couch. Of course, it wasn't this clean either. It too, was cluttered with my laptop and all sorts of papers and materials lastnight! Now I need to find a nice arrangement to put on here! I just put the flowers there for now.

Thinking - Yikes, breaks almost over already!

Wanting - I got a Target, JcPenny, and Claire's gift card for Christmas.....yes, Claire's.....and I'm dying to go shopping (alone) to spend them! I'll explain the Claire's in my best memory.

Needing - I have all of the decorations down on the inside, but now for the outside! I just HATE doing the outside. We really do up the outside each year and taking it down is such a chore!

My best memory was gifts from my daughter! My daughter actually used her own money and not only surprised me and the hubby with gifts, but also bought her brother a gift!!! She's 18 and just started her very first job ever a few months ago! In the past, her dad and brother's gifts have always been bought and usually picked out by me and vice versa. But for her to take her own money and spend it on was just very special and we were not expecting it! I of course, teared up! And yes, my gift was a Claire's gift card, which her knowing that is not somewhere I would generally shop, said after I opened it, "Now you can get yourself some nice earrings since you always like the ones I buy there." Ahhhh!

So that's my sweetest memory of the holidays! I hope all of you have some great memories too! 

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  1. Hi there! Found you through the Currently linky! We need to put away our Christmas decorations too, but I just love having it up! :(

    Have a great 2014!!! :)

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  2. Hi Traci,

    Love your new desk. It is always nice to have a place out of the way to work. I find that I need/want a large area to spread out! Our decorations are coming down on Friday and it always makes me sad. I love the holidays. But now it is onward and upwards in 2014.


  3. Love the desk! I totally know what you mean about overthinking. I will reread a post and notice a typo, so then I wonder how many people also noticed before I go back in and fix it. And don't get me started about picking a right font, I totally know what you go through! Thanks for linking up!


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