Monday, April 14, 2014

Great App Finds, Freebie, & A Sale

Well it's GREAT FINDS SUNDAY on Monday!!!!! Better late than never right, and it has been more than never lately!! 

Is anyone else on spring break this week?!!!!

This week I have some great technology and app finds for you, as well as a $100 giveaway!

My first great find is an app called "Apps Gone Free."

This is what the app icon looks like and the app is free

 "Apps Gone Free" posts normally paid apps every day that have GONE FREE! Some of them only free for that day! I've seen apps as high as $19.99 go free for the day and have gotten several apps for myself ranging from 99 cents to $4.99 for free! I have gotten a couple of cheezy ones in the process, but who cares....they're free, so just delete them!!!

My next great find....also to do with finding Grace's website at Grace is dedicated to finding the best and cheapest educational apps out there for families and their children. Every day she posts free and discounted apps for children.
 Click on her button above to view the free and discounted apps you can snag up today!!!!

Grace is also having a giveaway right now for your choice of a $100 gift card to Amazon or the iTunes store!

You can enter {here}.

Book Creator is also another great app find I've been playing around with, where you can create your own ibooks. I learned of it at a ULS staff training last week, but I want to play around with it a little more before sharing too much about this app. In the meantime, check it out for yourself. 


If you didn't grab my Easter freebie that was featured on Educents, it is now available in my TpT store!!

I'm also having a spring break sale!

Everything in my store is 15% off for 3 days!!!

Start shopping {here}.

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