Monday, April 28, 2014

Make Your Desks & Tables Dry-Erase....For Free!!!

How awesome would it be to have these in your classrooms???

Whiteboard tables!!!!
I think pretty awesome!! I have been wanting a horseshoe whiteboard table for my small group ever since I saw one last year being used on "The Teaching Channel."

But, they run around $300. Yikes!!!

So I looked into the possibility of painting my horseshoe table using whiteboard paint.

But while you can purchase it for under $30, the reviews on the quality and issues applying the product are horrible!!!

So, I wasn't so sure I was ready to tackle this project!!! Not to mention, take the chance of ruining a school table and having to get prior approval!!!

And then I got to thinking! Dry erase marker will erase off of just about any laminated surface!


And it just so happens that I had dry-erase desks and tables the whole time, and didn't even realize it!!!

Gotta love that backwards 9!! :)

But hey, she got it right and they are all so engaged in math now!! Every day now when they come to small group, they ask, "Can we write on the tables again today?" And of course I say, "Of course." 

Whatever it takes to get them engaged in learning! 

And btw, it erases just as clean as your whiteboard, if not a little better actually! We all know that certain colors don't even erase nicely on our traditional whiteboards. 

And any smears left are gotten at the end of the day by our classroom table washer! 

 photo 262537ca-e39d-4585-9d7c-a9633c31f18e_zps73236c33.jpg


  1. Love that idea!! i discovered that this year as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just discovered that this year also and was baffled why I hadn't thought of it earlier. I use to get so worried when I taught in younger grades that students with dry erase markers would mess up my tables! Not gonna happen!

  3. I am SOOOO trying this when we get back from break!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

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