Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday & Some HOT Deals!

Well I'm finally back in action and doing what I love....blogging and creating! My BFF left Sunday, then I was down with food poisoning and recovering Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! While I had a blast with my BFF, it was go...go...go...nonstop! We did sooooo much I'm afraid I may need more than a "FIVE" for Friday to share it all!! So let's see if I can scrunch this all into 5!!

But first, here's my lovely bff on the right! Now remember, I had not seen this girl in 25 years!!!! So it was pretty exciting!

at the Grand Canyon Caverns!
 We each got our own EMF device to measure activity!!! So fun and we were the only two that signed we had the whole caverns to the dark....with flashlights....oh and our tour guide!

Speaking of tour guide....this is him on the right! Let's just say he got a little sick on the tour. My friend and I are convinced that he was experiencing an attack! lol. He cracked us up!

This is the suite right inside the cavern that you can actually rent and stay in.....that is if you've got $800 bucks for the night!!! It's on the top ten list for the most weirdest places to spend the night!! 

We took a day trip up to Oatman, old ghost mining town where burros roam the streets....and the stores as you can see They put on gun shows and there's shops everywhere!! Clark Gable and Carole Lombard stayed in the hotel and supposedly it is also haunted!
Spent quite a bit of time on our beautiful Colorado River!!! My friend and her daughter got to ride a wave runner for the very first time!!!

I took her to see the Hoover Dam!!!!
Just absolutely beautiful highlight of the visit!! Wish I had taken more photos, but I've been there so many tend to forget!

And I think I just might be able to fit this all into just "FIVE" because the rest is VEGAS BABY!!

A little gambling..........
Check out the size of my pork tenderloin sandwich!!
A little bread for my hog please!!! ha!
We ziplined down Fremont Street!!!
The hubby and I getting a little crazy our last night there!!! 
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