Friday, July 18, 2014

Problem Solving Good Character & A FREEBIE

I'm linking up today with TBA for "Freebie Friday" and writing to share my newest creation with you! 

I am so excited to complete this character building set to use in my classroom this year! It started out with a hunt for problem solving cards last year! Do you know how hard these are to find?? This is the only decent set you can find....and I already own them! And my kids have done them all!

So that went on my to-do list for this summer! Also, on my to-do list was to create some sort of system for teaching good character skills to my students to deal with many of the issues that often occur through the year.....things like stealing, cheating, arguing, hitting, and so on. Before, many of these behaviors weren't really taught or modeled until they occurred, and then after that, it was forgotten. In other words, there were no visuals or frequent reteaching or reminders of any of these skills. 

So it occurred to me while I was working on the problem solving cards, that my cards were all actually focusing on good character skills too! 

So that is how "Problem Solving Good Character" came to be! Now I can teach my students problem solving skills and good character skills at the same time! 

The set covers 13 essential character skills that students need and tackles them from a problem-solving perspective! The 13 targeted skills are listed on the front cover above and are behaviors we commonly encounter in our classrooms throughout the year! 

Each skill includes a whole group discussion card like this one. These can be folded in half so the discussion questions are on the back or they can be posted on the wall or bulletin board to frequently remind students of these skills.
Each skill also includes a full page poster for display!
And then the problem solving cards alas!
There are 36 of these; the 13 that correspond with the character skills explicitly taught in this set, plus 23 more problem solving situations!

Here's a look at the preview!

 You can find it in my store {here}.

If this is something you can use, leave your email and I'll pick a winner (or two) on Sunday! 

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  1. Your character/problem solving pack looks so good! I'd love to use this in my class. I've been looking for something to better teach character and problem solving so I love that you have them combined! I love the real life situations sand how you've included so many different problems to solve.

  2. If you are interested in describing characters and discussing on their images, visit this page


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