Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Tidbits of Scheduling

Hi! I'm linking up today with a sweet teacher friend I just met, Tasha from "A Tender Teacher For Special Needs." Every Sunday she is hosting a Special Tid-bits Linky where teachers link up a special tid-bit of information that may be helpful to other teachers. Her tid-bit today was about scheduling so I'm going to piggyback on that and share how I did my scheduling last year! We still have a little over 3 weeks of summer vaca here so I haven't even began to work on scheduling for this year yet! But here's a look at last year!

This changed a few times throughout the year, but this is how it looked at the end of the year! Our lunch times and specials worked so well last year and I really LOVED having specials at the end of the day!!! I hope it works out this well again this year!

This is an example of the rotation charts I used for most of my class! Three of my students (my little ones) followed a different system that involved a velcroed picture/shape/symbol system that they would match for each rotation. This system worked very well, but I'm planning to give it a little makeover! I will also have to revamp it a little to accommodate a couple students I lost and a couple new studen 

And last, here is a sample of my actual lesson plans (for one day) that were followed by my aides and turned into to my principal each week! With these plans, my aides can easily see exactly what they are supposed to be doing at all times! I like this system! I did lose one of my aides last year though, so I will be tweaking this a little and adjusting it to fit our new times. 

Our principal and office staff are off the whole month of July. Once they return next week, I'm sure our principal will be emailing out the new lunch and special schedules. Once I get that from her, I will be able to get my new schedules made for this year!

One last thing....
Have you heard about my new SPED discussion forum on Facebook?? Finally, a discussion forum just for SPECIAL Educators!!! Every Thursday I'll post the button above on my FB page and open it up for sped related questions! I'll then post your questions throughout the week and try to get answers for you!!! So start jotting down your questions, so you can post them on Thursday! You can get to my page and check out the questions being posted and answered this week {here}

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  1. Thanks for linking up and sharing about how you make your schedules! I love how you schedule for your assistants. I'm going to do that this year! Also, great idea for Facebook! I will definitely start joining in on that!

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs


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