Monday, January 19, 2015

Huge Upcoming Hop & LOTS of Science!

Wow! I haven't blogged since we returned from winter reason is because I've been whipping up a special treat for you!!

That's right! 28 of us are working to deliver you a special Valentine treat every day next month! Each day you'll be able to visit my blog for this image and click on your next secret envelope! 

They'll be freebies, giveaways, tips, and some bloggers will be offering PAID items from their store for FREE! So be sure to come back on February 1st for your first secret envelope!

Besides working on this fabulous bloghop....Here's what I've been up to these last two weeks in my classroom!

Lots of Science!
Groovy Lava

 Water Jet - these pictures aren't that great, but some of our geysers got as high as 2 feet!

Winter Slime

Wonder Snow - which is really fun for my kids, because we live in the desert where it never snows!

 Homemade Hot Cocoa - and I do mean homemade. You use powdered milk, coffee creamer, and Nestle Quick....add warm water, so the kids can drink it, marshmallows and you've got homemade hot cocoa! The kids think it's really cool to make their own from scratch.

And more Science!!
Snow Blizzard 

We finished up the week with Martin Luther King Jr. activities and these cute suncatcher mittens from Maria Manroe of Kinder Craze. You can visit her tutorial {here}.

You can find all of the Science Experiments in my "Science for a Year" kit. The ones above were just added lastnight, plus one more not shown, so if you've purchased this sure to click on the picture to download the updated version!

See ya soon!!

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