Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year with Currently!


Starting the new year off by linking up with Farley at "Oh Boy 4th Grade" for her monthly "Currently!" Anthony Bourdain. And yes, just listening as it just happens to be what's on the TV! Not a show I typically watch!

Loving....that organizing my messy all over the place computer files is one thing that DID get marked off my to do list!!

Isn't this a lovely sight??
Everything all tucked away neatly in it's folder!!

And look, you can actually SEE my desktop now! Before it was completely covered in icons....a serious mess it was! :)

Thinking....while I am a happy girl about my computer files getting done, my list is still a mile long! I did manage to get one dangling new product completed! 

And I got my science kit updated with 4 new experiments! 

Wanting...needless to say, I'm wanting and hoping to cram everything else in to these last three days! We'll see! I do this every year!! :) get the tree down! I love having my tree up for New Year's Eve, but then I'm done! Hoping this gets done today!

One little word...."REFRESHED!" Despite the fact of feeling unproductive this break....I must say if I didn't do anything, I got plenty of R&R in! I feel very refreshed for the new year! 

How was your break?? Productive or unproductive? Did you at least get some rest?


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  2. I absolutely love your one little word! I have not done half of what I thought I would this break but I did do a lot of relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Have a very Happy New Year!

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  3. Your files look nice and organized. I'm also loving your one little word. I'll definitely feel refreshed and recharged when I return.

  4. I love how organized your computer files are! That is on my list to do too! I love the word refresh! Sometimes things get so crazy we forget to do that and we need too! I hope you are are able to get everything done in the last couple of days!

  5. I'm right there with you with the organized computer files! I can't download something if it doesn't have a nice little folder to go into! I LOVE that science pack you have! I got sidetracked looking through all of the neat experiments! :)



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