Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday

We have a brand new linky party on the block!!! Show and Tell Tuesday, hosted by "Forever in 5th Grade." The third Tuesday of every month teachers will get to participate in the oh so fun activity that our students love so much....SHOW & TELL!!! :) And even better than our students....we get to show & tell up to FOUR things!!! Our students would go crazy!

Student Led Conferences
I am so so excited about how well my student-led conferences went!!! This was my first time doing student led conferences. Keep scrolling at the end of this post and you can read all about it.

My Velcro arrived!
I finally ordered my Velcro from Feiner Supply and I am so excited to get it! Check out these beautiful rolls of Velcro coins! No more sticky cutting...just peel and stick! The Velcro coins pictured are the 1/2 inch coins and have 1440 coins on each roll (hook and loop on separate rolls), for just $16 a roll. Grab this deal here.

This tree is AMAZING and SO much fun for the kids to observe growing throughout the day! This all happens in a six hour period!!! We started it first thing in the morning and it was fully grown by the end of our school day! Get this tree experiment for your class from Steve Spangler Science here. 
I'm participating in a TpT Sitewide Sale starting tomorrow! Get up to 28% off of all The Bender Bunches Resources all day Wednesday and Thursday! Visit my store here and use the code at the top of the TpT page at checkout!

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  1. I love the student-led conference scavenger hunt! What a creative way to do those!!


  2. That is a great deal on velcro and such a must in the classroom! That tree experiment looks amazing! I bet the kids were so excited to watch it throughout the day. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. Love the student led conference idea ~ I agree, very creative and fun.


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