Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Classroom Goodies & Freebies

Hello January!!!

While teachers are busy away today and tomorrow planning for Monday, I'd thought I'd drop by and share some January themed goodies and freebies with you!

Grab my New Years resolution writing frames in two levels for free! These are from my All-time Best Seller in my store!

If you're working on more/less, place value, skip counting, number order, and counting on, my January Math includes 6 centers and 12 fun worksheet printables. Check out my January Math {here}.

My scrambled sentences are a huge hit with my kiddos and provide practice with 4, 5, and 6 words sentence building for easy differentiation! Color coded also for easy organization! Check out snowy scrambled sentences {here} or see the 9-month bundle {here}

I've got your month covered! 
Download my "January in a Click" PDF for clickables links to all of the activities shown.

Happy New Year!

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