Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to have an awesome "Valentine's Freebie" for you all to teach estimation,
in a fun Way,
for Valentine's Day. 

I'm excited because I have been taking so much from all of you, and I vowed in my New Year's Resolution to start giving back.......And I'm excited because it is my first "REAL" design. I say "REAL" because although I have made numerous things for my classroom, I have done it drably in MSWord without cutesy clipart and cutesy fonts. 

I graciously thank all of you for your creations, inspiration, support, and tips, and for introducing me to the world of creativity!. I am happy to be able to provide this FREEBIE to you and I hope you will like it and be able to put it to use it in your classroom! :) 

Click Here for your FREEBIE!



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    1. I'm so glad you like this Danielle! Thanks for commenting!



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