Monday, January 7, 2013


Do you have a classroom ipad? 

Did you know that MeeGenius.....the #1 app for children's ebooks offers a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to teachers with unlimited book downloads?? That's! Most of their books are $2.99, but teachers can get them all for free. Just go {here} and complete and submit the form. 

Today was the first day back from break for me.....and my official day to start my resolutions. One of my blog resolutions was to give back more to my fellow bloggers. Since I am new to blogging and new to designing/creating materials, and I don't have alot share this early in my blogging journey......
I thought up a way that I can give back and share something every week. 

As a newbie, I find myself spending countless hours figuring out how to do things on my blog..........
like how to design a button & generate a code,
how to resize an image,
how to make & insert a signature,
and so get the picture!

So I thought that once a week, I will share something that I have learned to help make life easier for other new bloggers or those looking for the same info. How-to's. 

I want to make a button for this weekly post that I will do & am looking for some help with the name. I just can't seem to come up with anything "catchy." So far I have come up with..........since my blog is "The Bender Bunch".......

Bender Bunch Blog Bug
Beginner Blog Bug
Blogging Tidbits
Blog Bits from Bender Bunch

Help! I don't like any of these.....and they're sounding more like blogs than a special ongoing post. If you have any ideas, pretty please send them my way! 

In fact, I am going to give away a $10 Starbucks or a $10 Target Gift Card......Winners the person that provides me with the winning title....that is, the name that I choose to use! It wouldn't even have to be associated with my blog name, this is just where I started my brainstorming. Just looking for something cute & catchy!

Now for the first "Monday Made It" for 2013, I made a couple of things for my home, pinterest inspired, and a classroom Valentine Activity.

"B" for Bender. Had a blast looking through
all of the old photo albums. Now I can look
at family memories everyday!
This will actually go
on a high, cathedral ceiling wall. I just hung
it here to take the picture.

This is a simple curtain rod
and 2 x 4's.

 And last, a Valentine Estimation Activity.

Go {here} to download this activity! 

Now....For FUN....SECRET SNOWMAN!! One last thing to share that you can do at your school this week for fun!  I just love this kinda stuff! 

To welcome in the new year 2013 - we are having a secret snowman at our school for the month of January.  Those that CHOOSE to participate (it is of course, optional) had to sign up the last day before break....but you can still do this tomorrow at your school! Today we drew the name of who we will be a secret snowman for during the month of January. Here's how it works! 

Themes for Secret Snowman
1 gift/week with a maximum of $25 for the month!

Week 1 - stress reliever
Week 2 - Diet and Nutrition
Week 3 - Fitness
Week 4 - Friendship

Our Secret Snowmen will reveal themselves on Thursday, January 31st at a morning breakfast by providing their final friendship (week 4) gift to their snowman at the breakfast. Of course, you can choose to do this however it works best for your school and colleagues. I'm having a hard time coming up with a "Week 3 Fitness" gift though.

Any ideas for a fitness gift in this price range???

That's it for me. Hope you found something useful.....
And don't forget to send me your ideas on a name for my weekly  "how-to" post. The contributor of the name I choose wins a $10 gift card to their choice of either Starbucks or Target!

Can't wait to read everyone's ideas & suggestions! 



  1. I don't have any suggestions for a name, but I'm super excited to read blogger advice as a new blogger myself. For a fitness gift, maybe check at Target and see if they have any 5 dollar workout dvds.

    Carolina Teacher

    1. Thanks your idea about a fitness DVD. I'll be making my first "how-to" post on Sunday, and every Sunday thereafter, so be sure to stop by Sunday.



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