Friday, April 26, 2013


Honored is really not the word.......I'm speechless, surprised, flattered, grateful, obliged!!! I got asked yesterday by a college student (previous aide at my school) if she could do her student teaching internship in MY room in the fall! My room!! I was just so shocked when she asked me because I have only been teaching for five years and there are so many other more experienced, veteran special ed teachers that she could have asked! 

Of course I said yes!!! Without hesitation!!!! I'm so excited, and yet so flattered!!! She'll start the year with me in August!  

Another thing I and I'm sure all of us are excited about is the end of the year countdown!!! Just love my little countdown widget on my sidebar and seeing the days dwindle every time I'm on my blog! 

Each year on the last day of school, I give my class an icecream party. It's simple, easy to clean up, and refreshing since our temps here in the desert are over 100 by the last day! For some added fun this year, I made an icecream countdown wall display for my classroom. It's a 10-day countdown, so I won't be displaying it until May 22nd, and can't show you pictures yet. I don't like to do a countdown much earlier than this or I feel like my students begin to "checkout" too early on me, if ya know what I mean!?

Here's a preview!
To display, I'll overlap each scoop like the cover photo shows. Each day I will choose a student to remove a scoop.

It's free at my TpT store if you'd like to display it in your room! 

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Are you doing anything special in your classroom to countdown or celebrate the end of the year????

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  1. It's a really cute display,we do the countdown in the staff room,haha

    Enjoy Teaching English


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