Friday, April 5, 2013


Happy Friday!! Made it through the first week back after spring break! Summer's on the countdown now! 

We had our "Writing Fair Share" at school today and it was a success......alotta fun. If you don't know what this is, a fair share is where teachers get together and share their ideas. 

Basically, what we already do in the blogging community. I got lots of great writing ideas & came up with alot more than I thought, of my own to share! And I want to share all of these fabulous resources with you! So let's have a "Writing Fair Share Linky Party!" 

I'll have the post and linky up tomorrow for everyone to share their writing make sure you come back tomorrow and link up your writing ideas and resources! 

Now, for this ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PARTY TBA is having! Wow, is it huge! Nearly 1000 freebies! Holy cow! 

My class just got this!

Last year we did butterflies, so I thought we'd try ladybugs this year. Plus, with our flower garden growing so beautifully...............

........we need some ladybugs to protect it! The ladybug land came from Insect Lore if you want one! 

So anyway, back to the TBA B-day celebration. It's so hard to find resources on teaching the life cycle of a ladybug. So, I'm putting together a "Ladybug Life Cycle Unit" for my kiddos and you get the page I just finished as a Freebie! 

You can get it at my TN shop!

I'm hoping to finish the unit this weekend, so follow my TN and TpT stores so you'll be notified when I post it! 

Also, be sure to come back tomorrow to join the "Writing Fair Share" party!!!!!!



  1. I love how you added so many stages. Each of our kinder classes has a different plant and animal we are studying and not many teachers knew about the stages of a ladybug. If you don't mind me, asking where did you did the graphics?

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I know I was surprised as well, that some of the teachers I have spoken to didn't realize ladybugs went through these stages either, much similar to a butterfly. The graphics are from "Scrappin' Doodles" and is credited in the larger unit I'm working on. You may be interested in that when it's done.



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