Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm hosting a "Writing Fair Share" Linky Party and hope you'll join in and share some of your ideas, resources, or writing materials with us!

Here are a couple of things I can't live without.

Lori Rosenberg's "Topics To Write About."

This is a small preview of only 9 of the 72 topic cards that come with this set. Yes, 72 cards included! Never worry about kids finding a writing topic again!

This is how I display the topic cards, in a pocket chart. I have used this set all year. I love it AND the kids love it! It really gets them excited about writing.
You can get it at Lori's TpT store for only 4 bucks!

Another can't live without...........writing frames!

Here's a sample of one writing frame I use in my class.....
Writing frames are especially great for struggling writers. I use them for narratives, expository, how-to's, persuasive, and compare/contrast writing. These can be used as a rough draft and students can then copy the entire paragraph onto notebook paper for a perfect paragraph! I'm working on putting together my own writing frames set that you'll be able to soon purchase in my stores!

If you're like me....and find that writing can be a difficult activity to grade fairly and accurately, you might find these grading rubrics I made very helpful. 

Get it {here}.

Get it {here}

These have eliminated my stress over grading writing & provide a structured method that is fair as well as provides clear & accurate feedback to the student. 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

This blog is AWESOME! 
If you haven't visited Karen's blog @ "KB Konnected," you're missing out! 

She has a livebinder with over 100 online writing sites for kids! 
You can access her livebinder {here}

And last, here are some other writing resources that I L-O-V-E & recommend! 
You can download this document {here}

Hope you found some writing tips & resources you can use in your classrooms! I'd love to see what you do for writing in your rooms. So go and link up your FAIR SHARE below!



  1. This blog post made my day! Thanks so much for the awesome shout-out! I'm so glad you like the writing topics cards as much as I do!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. Wow, I was shocked to see a comment from you. How did you stumble upon the post?? I love all of your creations. I also own the transition words and 5 star sentences, which I love, love love. I have several of your items on my wish list too! You have so much to contribute on writing, I'd love for you to link up with my writing fair share linky!!!


  2. Traci,

    Thanks for hosting this blog hop. I follow your blog and think this link-up is a great idea.


    1. Hi Julie,
      You made my night! I really appreciate you being the first to link up!! And glad that you like the idea! I just visited your linky post and am heading right back over to sign my class up for the postcrossing! LOVE, love, love it!! This is great! Thanks for sharing and for following! How is your daughter doing?


  3. Awesome post! I LOVE writing rubrics, both for grading and handing to kids so they know what is expected of them. Perfect! Thanks!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

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  6. One set of paragraphs included topic sentences and the other didn't. Most of my kids were doing really well, so I only used the one without topic sentences. rewrite my paragraph

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