Saturday, June 29, 2013

Currently, Already??

When I first saw Currently was up....I was thinking, "What? July already? Did I lose a few days in June?" But apparently Farley is posting a little early to go on vacation! 

Then I thought, "Cool, I can get in on this one a little early this time." Nope....wrong! Two days early and already over 120 link ups! Wow!

Listening - Today is our hottest day of the year in NV, 120+ degrees!!!! I'm serious, my A/C has not shut off once since I got up! It's an old unit too! Hang in there baby.....make it through this summer!!! 

Loving - My principal emailed next year's schedules out yesterday for us early planners! I love that she does this early so I can figure out my year. It's hard to plan out everything when you don't know what time lunch or specials will be! I'm implementing new centers next year and it's very helpful now to know just how these rotations will go and the time I can allot!

Summer is soooooo flying!!! Doesn't it always!??

Wanting - to finish my classroom decor pack, but I've hit a stump! Is there such thing as "Designer's Block!!?" Like writer's block! It's just not coming together like I want it! I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to take a break from it for a few days and then come back to it. I'm notorious for having 3-4 projects going at once, and several unfinished! It's not that I put things off or procrastinate.....I just have to be in the right mood for certain things!

Needing - I so need to do some summer cleaning! It's summer and my house has been more neglected than when I'm working!!! Go figure!

My tip is "Pin Your Stuff." I tend to pin everyone else's stuff and forget to pin my own! Now that I've started pinning all of my things, I've gotten a lot more exposure and my sales in my shops have drastically increased!!! 

So get busy Pinning!!!!!!

**update**Another tip I'd like to throw share some love for other bloggers out there! I'll get 60-70 views on a facebook post and not ONE SINGLE LIKE! Surely some one likes it! Come on people, how hard is it to hit that "like" button!!! You really start to second guess yourself, ya know!

And if you haven't blogoversary giveaway starts Monday!! Be sure to head back & enter!!

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  1. I just love when school's give things early, it really does help when you are a planner! I am the same way as you with projects, I have 3 going right now. I really need to stop and focus on one! I am your newest follower! :)

    Fashion Craze Learning Days

  2. Hi Traci! Man I thought it was hot here in Texas! Today my car said it was 107 and I thought that was hot :(. My AC has been running non-stop today too.

    I hope you stay as cool as possible.

    The Learning Chambers

  3. Haha! I did the same thing! If you don't post early your are wayyy down on the linky list. =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  4. Jealous about your schedule already! I will be traveling to two schools this year... so I'd like to be able to figure mine out... BUT... :) I hear you about the linky! I always try to be in the top 100 - and always fail! :) Oh well! There is always next month! :)


  5. I totally understand the designer's block! I go through the same thing, and I do think it helps to have more than one project going so you always have a different thing to work on if you're stuck. I do the same thing with my knitting :)

    Carolina Teacher


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