Sunday, June 2, 2013


It's June, so that means linking up with Farley's monthly Currently!

Listening: When my daughter's home, Law & Order is always the background noise. She is obsessed with this show. Personally, I'm not a big T.V. fan & always have it on the music channel when her and my husband are gone. I do find it hard though not to get involved in the show if I let myself. 

Loving: My new papers! Ashley Hughes is having a sale on her background paper packs for only $1. Today is the last day so be sure to snag some. There are colors to fit just about any theme! Love her work!! 

Thinking: 2 1/2 more school days with kids.....4 more days for me!!

Wanting: I'm making my wishlist for my room next year and can't wait to start shopping! I'm going with a neon pastel theme, plus I'm moving to a new room that is almost 3x the size of my room now! Gonna need lots more stuff! 

Needing: My report cards are due tomorrow and I still haven't started them! :(  Luckily I only have 10 students, so it shouldn't take me too long!

Vacay Essentials: Money, ipad, and sunscreen! We haven't planned any kind of vacation, because my daughter's senior prom and graduation have literally tapped us! I'll be spending a lot of time though at the river and I'm sure on my ipad! 

Head over and link up your Currently, if you haven't already!! Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love the way so many of us 'listen' to TV shows instead of watching them. We are always multi-tasking, aren't we :) :)

  2. Oooh - adorable blog design :-) (Same as mine!) I was heading back to the linky to see who was after me when I got your email. I am heading over to Ashley's store to get me some new papers! ~ Lisa

  3. Oh man I'm so going shopping for those papers right now!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem


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