Saturday, August 10, 2013

B2S Blogger Exchange

I was so excited to be able to join Ms. Smith and Covered in Glitter and Glue for their B2S Blogger Exchange!! I just love stuff like this! But I was even more excited when I received my package in the mail from Kristy at "Phonics Phenomenon." 

I was so excited, I started ripping everything open, then remembering....Pictures!!! Here is the adorable chevron bin I pulled out of the box that was full of colorful tissue wrapped goodies.....after already opening a few before I remembered to take pics!! ha!

The adorable little mini bins are filled with brightly colored paper clips and clasps (I love brights). The pencil box is full of bright colored markers, highlighters, and a grape Scento Marker! Chevron washi tape, inspirational stickers, pocket chart in my favorite color, cones, a book, these awesome mini erasers (just what I needed for my "Rise n Shine" binders), and it's hard to see but, cutesy mustache stickies on the left!!!

Don't you just love this??!!! Go figure the container was my fave! Those that know me, know that I'm obsessed with containers and bins. I literally buy them for no reason!!! It's an addiction! My son rags me for it...."Oh mom, not more containers." funny!
These are my other fave! Even though Kristy left me a note telling me what they were for, I already knew right away and immediately thought how perfect they would be for my morning binders I just made and used sponges. She said they were Pinterest Inspired, so I soon went to her Pinterest boards to find these little suckers and to see where to get them! I looked at Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree today, to no avail!! Where did you get these Kristy??? I have to stock up! So brilliant!

And then, I guess my kids have rubbed off on me.....haha......I remembered, "Hey, I never opened the card." We just rip into the gifts and forget about the card.

Mistake! This was the BEST PART!

$10 off at Erin Condren!!!! Yea!!!

Thanks Kristy! I love everything! It was so much fun and I hope you enjoy your package from me just as much as I enjoyed yours!

Thanks Ms. Smith and Covered in Glitter and Glue for hosting this event! 

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  1. Wow! 10 dollars off at Erin Condren?! I also love that chevron container!

    Thanks for participating and for linking up! =)
    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. Look in the cosmetic supply area of Dollar Tree for the little round makeup remover pads. That is where I found mine.

  3. Yup. I got them at the Dollar Tree:) I still need to get some for myself. I am so glad you enjoyed everything!! I had so much fun shopping and looking for good deals. I loved my package and I am working on my post now.

    The Phonics Phenomenon


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