Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made Its & Coupon Codes

Well I still haven't entered the classroom yet this year! Our first official day back for teachers isn't until August 21st. My principal has welcomed us to work in our rooms during office hours (7-12), but the rooms have no A/C until the 14th! And living in the desert with temps over 100, there's just no way....even as anxious as I am! I definitely plan on being there on the 14th though. 

I'm moving rooms this year, so I have sooooooo much to do that I ordinarily wouldn't have to do! I also have EVERYTHING I've made and bought from TpT this summer to print, laminate, and cut once I get there. I feel overwhelmed just typing that. Ink is so expensive and I can print in color at school for free, so I save it all and print it there. I can do the laminating and cutting at home so that will help!

So this is why I can't show you my first couple of Made Its COMPLETED! 

These adorable frames are a freebie from Krista at "Creative Clips." Her button is on my sidebar if you want to check out her clipart or snag these frames. I will print these at school next week and put them in "real" frames. I have the frames and can't decide if I want to leave them black or paint them the color of the frame on each page. What do you think? I'd love your opinions!

This was an inspiration from Miss Nelson and her idea! These will go up at Open House and hopefully disappear quickly! Again, sorry I can't show these prepared since I'm waiting to print them at school. They're also a FREEBIE in my store if you like them!

My book stand BEFORE...........

And AFTER!!!!

I made this for my Blogger Exchange buddy, Kristy over at "The Phonics Phenomenon." This was so much fun and was hosted by "Covered in Glitter and Glue" and "Ms. Smith." Read all about it here. This pic is compliments of Kristy as I forgot to take a pic before I sent it to her. 


And last & the simplest....I added some ribbon to my table caddies. These will go on my math center table, reading center table, and small group table, so I will not be labeling these with table numbers. I only have 9 students (thus far), and these 3 stations will be labeled on the wall. 

Before I go, if you're still school might want in on this! I realized lastnight I still had not purchased my bulletin board borders, so I did some online shopping and here are some coupons codes I found and used! 

At "Teacher Created Resources" I used CODE  "GS8835" and got free shipping.

At "Creative Teaching Press" I used CODE "GA472QX" and got 20% off. 

Tip: I always check "Retail Me Not" before I make any online purchase for a coupon code.....and I'd say 9 out of 10 times, they have one available. 

And if you've been looking for chevron border, you know it is on backorder EVERYWHERE!! Well you can still get it at "Becker's School Supplies" and at "Mardel." 

Have a great Monday!! Now that MMI will only be the second Monday of each month, I'm sure I'll be back next month with lots of stuff to show you! 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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  1. Hi Tracy! Ugh - no air conditioning in Nevada?! I can't imagine! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hopped back over to yours so I can now follow you as well! Have a great school year! ~Deb
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  2. I am in Florida and the AC has been off in our school too, BUT I just had to get stuff done. I sweated for a little bit. Your Scrabble name is my favorite! Hope you will stop by to see my projects.

    Have a great school year!
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  3. Thanks for the shout out! I love all of your creations this week

  4. Super cute make-overs, I love the color! Thanks for the freebie!
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