Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Show Us Your Day" Linky Party

Guess What?? I'm hosting a linky party! Does your school require you to post a daily schedule? My district requires us to post our daily schedule by our front or back door, and they have a special form. However, our principal is very flexible and she likes "cutesy." As long as we have it posted somewhere in our class, she is fine with that! I know many of us post schedule cards in our rooms for our students, but our district is looking for something like this. 

I still have two weeks of summer left, but our principal sent us the schedules last week. When typing up my schedule, I thought how fun it would be to see everyone else's schedule and how they allocate their day!! And  so this linky party was born!! Fun, right?? 

I hate to rub it in, but my schedule is very flexible, as I teach a self-contained and very diverse special education class for grades 1 - 5 ! Our general ed teachers have all of their times and subjects allocated out for them. I just need to know the lunch times and specials and then plan my day around that! Since the largest majority of my students are in 4th grade, we attend  their lunch and specials. I do usually have a couple of students that are on an individualized schedule; my mainstreamed students, but this is the schedule for students that remain with me all day!! 

I'm super excited to begin using my "Rise n shine" binders this year from Regan Tunstall for morning work. No more copying worksheets every morning! Check it out {here}. I'll also be going full on with my reading and math rotations this year! I tried it out last the last couple weeks of school to see how my students would respond and it went very Well! I'm thinking of calling it the "Daily 4" as they'll be doing 4 centers every day in math and reading. Still working on this! Stay tuned for more info!

I also wanted to make sure I made some time this year for Science and Social Studies as last year there was very little for this in our curriculum and I felt like I deprived a couple of my students that have a love for this subject area. 

And of course, self-help and social skills are also an important part of our day!!

I'm very excited that our specials are the last hour of the day! This is a first! I don't know about you, but this is the ultimate time for specials and prep! 

I'd love to see YOUR DAY!! Link up your schedule below! Be sure to spread the word and add the linky party photo above to your post so others can link up as well or at least visit and read how others are managing their day!

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  1. Lucky you with two weeks left. We're already back to school. As a resource teacher I also have some flexibility in my schedule. I'm finishing it up and I'll link up with you when I'm finished.

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