Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Day & Schedule Linkys

Well it's getting close you guys!!! Next week is the last week for me! Getting all of the last minute details done including my schedule and my first day plans! I love that Deana at Primary Punch is hosting a "My First Day of School" linky to help me out!

If you haven't been following my blog, I teach grades 1 - 5 so unlike most GET's that get a brand new group each year, my students remain with me for up to 5 years. So, I'm only explaining procedures to new students I may have, and for my returning students, explaining procedures I may have changed up over the summer. 

This year we have alot of changes coming....including a new....and much LARGER classroom after being in the same room for the last three years. 

One new thing I'll be implementing this year is Miss Nelson's behavior beads! Students will earn these tags to wear on a chain around their necks. They will earn them by helping others, caught being good, completing homework all month, on their birthday, and for other marvelous accomplishments that may occur during the year. 


Another new procedure I'll be introducing is "The Wise Owl's" Pencil Management System. 

Pencils can be such a nightmare for teachers. You know what I'm talking about! Seldom can you find a pencil in my room with an eraser, and the pencils...they eat them! They're full of bite and chew marks. I have one student that even chews the metal below the eraser!! So I'm planning to use  this pencil management system to hopefully put a stop to this problem. Only I'll use these pencil boxes from Really Good Stuff rather than the pouches that The Wise Owl uses.  

The students get to decorate their own pencil boxes. How cute is that and a great first day activity? I searched four stores for plastic pencil boxes to match my color theme with no luck! So while looking online I stumbled upon these and loved the idea. They arrived yesterday. They are very thick and sturdy boxes, so hopefully they will survive the year. I know my students will love decorating and personalizing them!! You can click "The Wise Owl's" picture above to read more and it's a FREE download! The pencil boxes can be found {here}.

The "Me Bags" are an idea from "Fancy Free in Fourth." I'll include instructions for the Me Bags in my summer postcard and have students bring them the first day of school. 

The pennants we will be making are a freebie from Lola at "Preschool Wonders." 

You can also see my weekly schedule and routine that will begin on the second day of school and link up yours at my "Show Us Your Day" linky party! Just click on the pictures to link up!

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  1. The pencil boxes are super cute. Your students will love decorating them :)

    Carolina Teacher

  2. Thanks so much for linking up Traci! I love your behavior bead and pencil box ideas!!

    Primary Punch


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