Sunday, November 16, 2014

Do You Survey Parents On Your Performance?

Do you ever wonder how your students' parents see you? Do they think you're a good teacher? Are they happy with the progress their child is making? Do they wish you would communicate more? Do they complain every night about the homework you send? I know many of us only see a parent once a conferences or the annual IEP meeting....and sometimes not even then. 

Well this year my district is implementing the new teacher evaluation system using the Nevada Educator Performance Framework (NEPF). Here are standards 4 and 5 from the professional standards. 

While looking at standard 4, I thought, well I'm not lacking in communication. I send home daily behavior reports, a monthly newsletter, I have an updated class website, I use class messenger to send them reminders on their cell phones. I welcome parents to visit anytime, although they rarely do. But then I thought, how often do I really seek out their input, other than at the annual IEP meeting?

And then when I looked at standard 5, I thought, now how am I going to achieve this? My students are MR, Autistic, and some non-verbal. I mean sure, I know my students know I value and care about them and I know they feel safe with me, but how am I going to provide evidence for this standard?? It can't just be what I know in my heart, it's all about the EVIDENCE! 

After sharing my thoughts with my principal, she came up with the idea of a parent survey. What a great idea?? I mean many of us do parent surveys at the beginning of the year but we are surveying their child. And schools do surveys surveying overall school performance. But what about a survey that allows parents to survey you and provide input??! Even when I googled it and searched TpT....nothing! 

So I've created a parent survey to improve my professional standards in this area and as part of my evidence for standards 4 and 5.

You are welcome to snag it up and use it for free to survey your parents!

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  1. Wow! I'm a little nervous to send this home. Like you said I'm doing well in communication but checking student perception is a little bit scary. It is good to keep in mind. Thanks for the survey!


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