Friday, November 7, 2014

MobyMax Giveaway!!!

Hi Teacher Friends! Have you heard about MobyMax??? I used the free version last year and liked it so much that I purchased it this year! 

MobyMax is a web-based K-8 Common Core Curriculum that assesses and finds your student gaps and missing skills and then automatically assigns lessons to fill in these missing gaps!!! That's right.....Moby does it all for you!! However, you do have the flexibility to assign your own lessons and assessments if you choose. 

There are so many exciting features......where do I begin?? 

Here is a look at the dashboard and subjects! 
Students choose a subject to work in. Most subjects begin with a placement test that the student will need to take.

Classroom Tools allows the teacher to easily sign up students using the roster button, post assignments and announcements for the class, print worksheets, design whole group clicker activities, or privately send messages to parents and/or students using messenger.

Students are easily motivated with the badge system by earning a star for each practice set they complete. After ten stars, they earn a badge! Students are also automatically awarded with game time minutes for correct answers, but teachers also have the flexibility to reward more and monitor game time if they choose. Vibes can be given to reward or remind that difficult child of positive behavior. And you can even put together class contests!

But this is just the start teachers!!!

MobyMax gives you the ability to progress monitor, assign formative, summative, diagnostic, and unit assessments and more!

But gets better!
I haven't even told you about my most favorite features!

Parent Portal
IEP Goal Monitoring

Yes! There is a parent portal, so parents can check on their child's progress at any time. Another piece of "evidence" for home/school communication checked off the list!

Printable reports are available for all subjects. Here is an example of addition fact  progress for all and then broken down for one of my students.

And yes you did read my favorites correctly.....IEP goals! Say what? Built-in IEP goal monitoring and data collection! I haven't had chance to delve into this feature too much, as the free version I had did not offer this feature, but check it out!

Coming from a special education teacher, this is a HUGE plus! I can actually assign lessons and standards that target my student's IEP goals and let Moby do the monitoring! Wowza!! I have an instant print out of how my students are maintaining or progressing towards their goals whenever I need it! 

Two last features I must mention are the audio capability. You can adjust the settings to automatically have the lessons read for your students. This is a must feature for me as a special educator as most of my students cannot read. Another plus is that Moby allows your students free access at no expiration, no hidden charges, no limit to number of students, and offers an entry to their monthly tablet giveaway just for signing up for free! 

However, in order to gain access to all of the teacher components like the assessments, reports, worksheets, student motivators, etc. you must have the paid version. BUT MobyMax and I have some great news! Not only is it only $99 a year for an entire classroom.......MobyMax is giving away a free one-year subscription to one of my readers!!!! WooHoo! Just follow me on Bloglovin' to enter. Pin, like "The Bender Bunch" on FB, or leave a comment to earn more entries and increase your chances to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Try MobyMax out for free {here}

And since it's also "Freebie Friday with TBA," here's a little freebie for ya! I'm working on a mini unit to teach my students about their state of Nevada, so if you live in NV, stay tuned for this product! I'm thinking about even taking requests for other states if it goes as planned. But for now, please enjoy my "Desert Animals" booklet that will be a part of this unit. 

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  1. Great Giveaway! I have never used MobyMax...but I am checking it out! THANKS! Wendy

  2. I love Mobymax and have been considering upgrading! :)

  3. My fave we based program is more fun than academic -

  4. I love Moby Max! To win a subscription would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance!

  5. I am so glad you reminded me about Mobymax! Thanks!

  6. I have only gotten to the part where I signed students up because I didn't have the time to look into it. Thank you so much for explaining! I think I'm in love! If I don't win I'll have to bug my supervisor for it! Thanks!

  7. I love using AR and AM, but my school won't purchase it this year. We are using raz-kids instead

  8. I started using MobyMax last week and love it! I like how it individualizes the lesson for each student and gives me all the data that I need.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  9. Thank you for explaining this product and the great giveaway. I'm looking forward to using it with my kinders and loading it onto the tablet I bought for my class. I'll start with the free version, unless...


  10. To be honest I don't use any web based programs with my students right now. I'm a special education teacher and I only have one computer so I use my Ipad mostly (when I use technology with them).

  11. What an awesome give away! I have been wanting to use this for a whole! I am entered :)

    A Middle School Survival Guide

  12. I have never heard of Moby Max before. I am excited to learn more about it especially if it can save me time with paperwork.

  13. I really like to use Starfall with some of my students. I only have one teacher computer in my room. I have let my students use my ipad. I have some nice apps that I like especially the one for News-2-You.

  14. More Starfall is the one I am using the most this year. In the past it was Unique and N2Y.


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