Monday, November 10, 2014

Interactive Notebooks Just Got Easier!

Do you use IN's in your classroom? I just started them this year and have somewhat of a love hate relationship for them! I absolutely love the interactive part of it and I love that my students are putting together a nice portfolio of their work that they can refer back to later. I also love how much it has cut down on my paperwork and grading. However, the hate part of it is the cutting, the pasting, pieces glued in the wrong place, and the little pieces that keep coming up missing or that I find everywhere! Some of my sped students struggle with the cutting and the motor planning required. I'm also finding that with having to purchase IN materials for 3 different levels in my classroom, I'm spending a pretty penny on INs.

On another note, I also knew that I missed using Annie Moffat's No Prep worksheets in my classroom, because my INs had taken the place of that block of time. Knowing how engaging and interactive her No Prep packs are, I came up with the perfect solution!!! 

Sorry about this pic! It flipped after I uploaded it, but you get the jist. 
  I scaled down Annie Moffat's packets before I printed them to an 80%. 

After your print window like this comes up, choose custom scale. The box will state 100, just change it to 80. 
You can even make it smaller, but I found that 80% fits perfectly on the composition book page. 
All Problems Solved!!! 
*Now students have only four simple, straight cuts and they're done! No more wasted time on cutting or pieces chopped in half :) .
*No more missing pieces!
*No more pieces glued in the wrong places!
*I'm saving money!
*I can go back to using the activities that my kids loved last year!

This has been such a great solution in my classroom and my students are now engaged in learning, not cutting! 

I'm in love with Interactive Notebooks again!!!

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  1. I LOVE that idea! I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who has the love/hate relationship with interactive notebooks. I also love the idea of them having a permanent record of their learning to refer to, but I hate the wasted time and struggles with all the little cut up pieces! Even my highest kiddos struggle with putting them together! I will have to keep this in mind for future lessons as it could work with many activities!

  2. This is exactly what I do in my sped classroom this year. I love all of Annie Moffat's products. She has been my sanity saver since I was determined to do IN this year, but can not handle all of the cutting and glue that is either goopy (a big mess) or doesn't stick (which results in missing pieces and sad kids). Moffat's products ARE the perfect answer!

  3. LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!! You just made my DAY!!


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