Saturday, November 1, 2014

Recycle & Reuse Your Posters!

How do you store your posters? 
Do you have one of these? 
Mine has definitely been around the block and back! It was given to me (used) my first year of teaching and I've been using it for 7 years! Lord knows where the lid is....and the handles are broken! But it has been great in storing my posters and large bulletin board items!

Since I had a 3-day weekend, I decided to bring it home and organize and re-gift some of the things I'm no longer using!

I had sooooo much Dr. Seuss stuff as this was my classroom theme 2 years ago, and since I know I'm not planning to use this theme again, I began piling it up to get rid of it. But then it came to me.....these would make fabulous flashcards for my kids!!!

 They were already laminated, so there you have it....instant colorful flashcards!

 Even if you don't have posters to recycle for flashcards, it's cheaper to buy posters than it is to buy flashcards!

I hope you can use this money saving tip in your classroom!

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