Thursday, April 9, 2015

Classroom Skype with Animated Characters

I am beyond excited about what my kiddos and I got to do today. We got to skype with the animated character, Maria, from Wondergrove Kids!!! That's right! How cool is that? Very Cool! Maria let all of the students introduce themselves, ask her questions, and talked to them about all sorts of things!! See the first minute and a half of it for yourself!  

It really was one of my most exciting classroom experiences! The live chat lasted 25 minutes. I actually thought I was taping the entire Skype session, to find out at the end that my storage was full and I had only taped the first 1:38. Urghh! And to think I actually held my phone for 25 minutes, thinking I was taping....LOL!!! But you get the jist of the video of how fun and personalized it was for each student! 

Several of you have asked how it happened?? 

Well first off, it happened thanks to Wondergrove Kids. 

It is $98 for a one-year subscription, but so worth it that I'll be renewing in September. Kids just can't get enough of it! You can read more about their site and my love for Wondergrove Kids in this previous {post}

So....since I am a star user, "they said", they emailed me two weeks ago and asked me if I'd be interested in letting one of their animated characters live skype with my students in my classroom!!! What??! I said yes of course...who could turn this down? They asked me to provide the names of my students and a little info on each one's interests. We set a time and it was that simple! 

How can you do it in your classroom?

I have contacted them to find that out for you! I am sure you would first have to be a subscriber. Once I find out more information, I will update this post with the info for you. 

**Update: Unfortunately, at this time, this was only offered to a handful of teachers that use Wondergrove Kids with fidelity on a regular basis. If you use Wondergrove in your classroom, leave me a comment below and they can check to see if you are eligible. 

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