Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Increase Play & Interaction in the Home

Here is one of the projects I was working on during the end of my Spring Break that I promised to share with you! 

I have a student with Autism that I am teaching play skills to. She is currently obsessed with technology. But she doesn't use it appropriately and stims to the extreme when she is on it. So we, the parents and I, have removed iPad and computer privileges from her school day and at home. In an effort to replace the technology and behavior, we are introducing her to many new age appropriate toys and teaching her appropriate play skills. 

Apparently at home, her interaction with her toys consists of lining her barbies and dolls up against a wall. So, we decided to set up a home program and a checkout system to where she could check out a classroom toy each day (that she has been introduced to and practiced using appropriately) to take home each day, every couple days, or each week....however long appropriate. 

In setting this up, I knew I needed not only a checkout system to keep track, but also something to guide the parents and hold them accountable for carrying out appropriate play opportunities at home. The parents also need a little push as they don't realize her capabilities and don't interact with her as much as they should due to her limited expressive communication skills. Well this is what I came up with and so far it is working out well. 

This will go home each Monday and be returned the following Monday. It is my hopes that this will initiate interaction between her and the parents, increase play opportunities, and decrease her self-stimulatory behaviors in the home. The parents will log the activity, who she played with, start/end time, and engagement. 

 Here is the checklist I made for checking out the toys/activities. 

This one is for an individual student and below is one for multiple students.

Click on any of the images to download for free. 

If you are working on play skills and/or interaction in the home, I hope these forms will be helpful for you! 

Also, if you haven't seen, my "Photo Classifying Cards" are free for the entire month of April in honor of National Autism Month!!! Regular $3.50 value! 


  1. Thank you Traci! This is perfect for some of my students!


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