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Take A Peek At My Day In SPED

Today is my last day of Spring Break (sigh). It's been fun, but VERY UNproductive. We spent the last half camping on the Colorado River...our favorite place to be...and the first half, well, I just don't know where it went!!! Nothing got done! Now, I'm trying to cram all of those school projects that came home in my bag and lesson  plans into this last day!!! Sound familiar?? 

We'll before I show what some of those last minute projects I've been working on in a crunch this evening, I must take a little break and link up with Angie and Ashley, as I did this same linky on my blog last year and only had 3 bloggers link up. :( You can see it here. I love this idea and love seeing everyone else's schedules. 

Here is what an average day looks like this year in the Bender Bunch Classroom.

Our morning procedures consist of jobs that are done in the morning such as watering our flowers and feeding our fish. We listen to the morning announcements and then do the pledge. Each student then begins the work provided in their "yellow" writing folder that they got out as soon as they entered the classroom and hung their backpacks up. Depending upon the student, this may consist of address/phone number practice, number/letter practice, name practice, sentence practice, or journaling for more advanced students. 

We actually stop our writing about 9:22 and do a Go Noodle song before beginning our rotations. 

Our rotations consist of 4 groups and 4 rotations for ELA and Math. You can read more about the set up of my rotations {here}. I have tweaked a few things since that post, but not much. Tweaks happen quite frequently in my classroom, as I'm always finding things that work better, things that don't work, or needing to differentiate more for a particular student. My room is forever changing! Each Friday, my "Teacher Table" center is replaced with iPad or computer...and this is when I assess for progress and IEP goals or work 1:1 with my students. This gives me 2 hours to do this. I just recently started doing this a couple months ago to reach a goal for the new teacher evaluation system and it is working well. 

Morning break is "recess." Then lunch and one of my aides reads to them following lunch while I come back from my lunch and do afternoon attendance. 

Board review is like our morning circle. It is our whole group instruction for the day where we review many concepts including calendar. With 4-5 levels included during this part of our day, student questions are differentiated and fast-paced. 

Our life skills block is open for health, social studies, science, or other developmental skills; and I change it up. We also practice listening and speaking skills during this time. 

Our last hour of the day before specials is jobs and social time. Students that have end of the day jobs complete those such as table washer, floor cleaner, and librarian. Work not completed during the day is placed in the "Missing Work" box and this is also completed at this time. Students that have no missing work and have completed their job, get free choice. One of my aides also goes around at this time and does assigned sight word lists with each student. 

Students go to specials at the end of the day, which is my favorite time to have specials. I've been lucky to have it at the end of the day for the last two years! However, I do choose when my students go to specials since I have multiple grade levels. Other than a couple that are mainstreamed, the rest go at the same time and with the group they have been traveling with since 1st grade, so they are currently going with 5th graders. 

Once they come back from specials, they grab their backpacks that were placed outside the room prior, and my aides and I walk them to the bus. 

Thank you Angie and Ashley for hosting this link up with the vision of "Together, We Are Better." Each month on the 2nd they will be hosting a linky to bring teachers closer together through collaboration. If you'd like to link up your schedule, click on either of their names above to link up. 

Stay tuned this evening for a post on my last minute projects I've been cramming in and a couple of freebies for home interaction, appropriate play skills, and a classroom checkout system. 

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