Monday, April 20, 2015

Learn With Your Craft Stash - BEADS!

I'm linking up once again with "Life Over C's" for Learn With Your Craft Stash to show you some ways you can use all of those beads you have as learning manipulatives!

This is a great activity for hand/eye coordination and practicing fine motor skills. And if you store your beads in an organizer similar to mine or this one..... can take the tray right out, insert a separator as you see I did for my student above, and you have an instant activity center. 

Make number cards and have students practice counting and 1:1 correspondence. Simple!!! The small manipulatives also work on fine motor at the same time.

This student is making an ABC pattern on a pipe cleaner! Presenting the beads this way makes it easy for her to better understand and complete an ABC pattern. And again, using the drawer from my bead organizer already divided into 3 sections makes this activity a snap!

These students are working on fine motor skills by placing beads on a pipe cleaner! The pipe cleaners work much better than string as they aren't flimsy and are easier for the student to control.

Beads are perfect for making your own rekenreks! Not familiar with rekenreks? Click {here} for info and activities.

Now get out those beads and start learning!!!

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