Monday, August 1, 2016


I am just drooling over here! I mean what teacher wouldn't want to win a POST-IT NOTE TREASURE CHEST!?! This is literally ten pounds of post-its!!! Well fortunately, it could be your lucky day. Thanks to my fellow bloggers below, one of you will receive this in your mailbox! :)


Prize: Post-It Note Treasure Chest

Giveaway Organized by:  Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher), 

It's super easy! Just enter the rafflecopter below! And even better, it's open worldwide!!

Also Teachers Pay Teachers is having it's store-wide BTS sale today and tomorrow! It's a great time to clear out those wishlists and shop for back to school while you can save up to 28% off! My entire store is on sale! Be sure to enter the promo code, BESTYEAR for the additional savings!

I'm so excited to see who will win all of these post-it notes! Enjoy the sale!

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  1. This. Is. The. Best. I use post-it notes like crazy in my classroom, especially at the beginning of the year for scheduling. I use a different color for each subject and make sure each student has one post-it of each color with their name on it. I make sure to fit all the post-its in my schedule so I know every student is accounted for. Scheduling is one of the hardest parts of teaching multigrade level special education! I am excited about this giveaway too Traci! Thank you so much!


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