Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been on vacation....and soooo sad to say it had to end! We had so much fun with our family and old friends! We spent 6 days on a lovely 50 foot, 2-bedroom houseboat on Lake Mohave. I must say it was nice not having any phone service or Internet for six days! VERY RELAXING! It was such a great time, but went so FAST! Now to focus on my classroom because my summer is going even FASTER! Yikes....where did the time go?

Our Houseboat

Left to Right: John & Stacy (our old friends we had not seen in several years), their four girls, my daughter, my husband, me, my son, Mike (old friend), and my sister-n-law. 

Me....really driving the houseboat!
My doggie.....Hershey!

Our cousins, Lee & Holly that we had not seen in over a year!!
They joined us on the second half of the trip!

One of the three catfish that my son caught! 

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  1. Hey Traci,
    Thanks for visiting! I am loving this new blog thing! I am super jealous of your houseboat adventure! My family went to Lake Powell numerous times when I was growing up, and it was such an awesome vacation! Where is Lake Mohave? I feel like I have heard of it.


  2. Hi Sara,

    Lake Mohave is part of the same river that Lake Powell comes from but is about two dams down. There is Lake Powell, Lake Mead, and then Lake Mohave. Lake Mohave is about 40 miles south of the Hoover Dam!

    The Bender Bunch


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