Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HAPPY 4th!

Happy fourth everyone! I woke up to an overcast, cool, and rainy day today. I love it! We don't see that often here in the Mohave desert, so when we get rain we celebrate! I think our last rain was in January! Seriously. Also enjoying the cool weather that came with the rain. Yesterday at this time it was 107 degrees. Right now it is just under 80. Gotta love that!

After much googling and many many hours, I finally have my page about up to par and looking like I want it (see my new signature below, love it).....oh, and still need to figure how to design a favicon. Its a good thing because my computer crashed on me this morning. Im typing this on my ipad while still trying to get my computer to start up. I think i put it into sensory overload with all this new blogging! Hehe! Im getting a little worried...its not even responding to the recovery disk! And scared to death that I'm gonna lose all my stuff!!!! Especially the DVD that I've been making for our houseboat trip coming up!

Wish me luck...I think I'm gonna take advantage of this cool weather and go get some yard work done! Have a happy and safe holiday!

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