Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bloomin' Blogger & Last Day to Enter!

It's time for "Bloomin' Blogger Sundays" again!

Today's tip is going to be short and simple, because it's been a 
l-o-n-g and busy day, but so unproductive.......figure that? and I have lesson plans still and an IEP revision to do. 

Since I'm going sweet and simple, I'll give you TWO tips. 

Tip 1:  
Have you been wondering where everyone gets the falling  shamrocks, hearts, and snow on their blogs?? I sure did and I found it thanks to Donna at "First Grade Enigmas." Blogamation is where to find it. The site is hosted by "The Cutest Blog on the Block." When you first arrive, you will feel like you are at the wrong place......just click on "categories" and you will find what you need.  

Tip 2: Add your email link to your blog. 
I just discovered how to do this myself, thanks to Cathe over at "Just Something I Made." You can go {here} to access the direct page of how to add your email link as well as obtain email buttons. She isn't a teacher, but she has some great things to offer on her blog. If you like the email button I have, you can get it free from "Designs by RS" {here}.  

*I can't find the actual post at this moment, but Charity over at "The Organized Classroom" and "Classroom Freebies" discusses how important it is to have an email link on your blog. One reason she mentions is that when companies scope blogs to offer them product promotions or the opportunity to do product reviews on their items.....they will pass your blog on if they cannot easily locate an email link. If you go {here} you might be able to locate the post. If not, you're sure to find something useful. Charity is most definitely a blog guru and the "go to" for blogging info. 

Don't forget my 100 follower Lucky 7 Giveaway ends tonight at midnight (Pacific time). Lots of great TpT items and clipart will be given away to 7 different winners!!!!! Easy entry {here}!!!

And for a post that was supposed to be sweet and simple, it's getting rather lengthy, isn't it? But I'm dying to share one more thing before I go and can't believe I was able to hold it in til the end of this post................

I opened my first shop up today at "Teacher's Notebook." I'm so excited! I only have 8 items posted right now......3 are freebies, but it's a start! Check out my awesome "TN" shop widget on my sidebar! I just love it everytime I see it! This was actually a long term goal for me, because some of you know I am new to design, but my husband talked me into it and encouraged me. So on a WHIM.......I did it! I still have a few more things to upload so keep checking! Plus I'm hoping to set a goal to make at least one item each week!!!

Happy Sunday All!!!

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