Monday, March 25, 2013


For all you spring breakers out there, this week and upcoming (big sorry for those that have had spring break come & go), get yourself on track by joining in on my "Spring Break Linky Party!" 

My break started today and as I was making my "to do" list lastnight......I thought why not make it fun and turn it into a linky party!!!!  It's a way to get ideas from others, stay organized during your break, and hopefully it will be an incentive for you to get it done!

If you've participated in Farley's Currently, then this will work the same. Just right click on the image above, click copy, paste into Powerpoint, and insert text boxes to type your text. If you still have trouble you can view my tutorial on how to do this {here}

Then link up your list below. Please use the picture above too, to put on your post and link back to me....and leave a comment for the list before you. We ALL love to get comments, right?!!

So here's my list~

Monday- Some of you know I've been asking alot of questions about the best way to organize my clipart. It is a mess at this point. Today I plan to get it all organized by themes, holidays, frames, backgrounds. I am planning to rename the files to reflect the creator's name, so I can easily keep track of who to credit. We'll see how it goes! 

Tuesday- I just opened my new TN shop. I only have 13 items there now, so I plan to get some more items uploaded and hopefully even make a few more things. 

Wednesday- I'm hoping to wrap up all of my schoolwork, completely on Wednesday, so I can focus on my house Thursday and Friday.....and hopefully get some relaxing in on Sat. and Sun. 

Thursday- I've been saying this one since Christmas break! Wonder if I'll get it done this time?

Friday- This isn't really gonna be "spring cleaning." It's more like every day things that haven't been getting done, like laundry, mopping, and dusting. 

TBA's Ultimate Linky Party

Enjoy your spring break! And good luck with your "to do" lists!!



  1. My Spring break is for 2 weeks so I've 10 things to do on my list.I will join your linky.

    Enjoy Teaching English

    1. Thanks so much Lusine!! You're awesome for linking up, although I'm down to the end of my break and go back Monday! Thanks for the shout out on your blog too!! Enjoy your break!



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