Friday, March 22, 2013


WooHoo! It's SUPER DUPER Friday!!! Spring Break started for me today! Nine days off! Yippee! I don't know who was more or the kids!! :)

I'm also super excited because tomorrow is my son's 16th birthday, and can you believe all he wanted for his birthday was to go see the "Eagles" in concert in Vegas!!! didn't take me long to answer that request! It's like a birthday party for me too!!! I love the Eagles and have always wanted to see them in concert. And how perfect is that--that they're actually playing ON HIS B-DAY!! And even more awesome is that my kid likes the music from my era! How cool is that?? At least I can say I did something right in raising this kid! He appreciates GOOD music!!!

Then, to top it off, we're staying the night right in the center of  the Famous "Fremont Street" at the "Four Queens Hotel & Casino!" Not to mention I haven't had a day off with my hubby since MLK day, so it's a weekend out much needed!!! So excited, I can barely stand it!!!!!! 

Well before I head off to pack our bags, I have a FRIDAY FREEBIE for you! 

Freebie Fridays

Ladybug counting cards 1-15. 

This is a sneak preview of a larger product I'm working on for my NEW "Teacher's Notebook Shop." Be sure to follow my brand new shop as I'm adding new items weekly!!!


Get your freebie {here}! Enjoy!


  1. That is so cool about your son liking the Eagles! You will be in my neck of the woods! My kids both love the Beatles. In fact, my youngest is named Harrison after George Harrison. Thanks for the freebie and enjoy the concert!

    1. Thanks Susan! Oh my son loves the Beatles too....probably even more than he likes the Eagles! We have Beatles Wii Rock Band and he knows pretty much all the songs. I love that name Harrison as a first name!



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