Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I really wanted to get this posted earlier, but didn't get a free moment 'til now!!! Tomorrow is "WORLD DOWNS SYNDROME DAY!" Wear blue & yellow to honor & increase awareness! 

I have 3 children in my classroom with Downs Syndrome, so we are celebrating! I sent home notes today asking the parents to send their students in blue & yellow tomorrow, I made these ribbons below for my students to wear, and one mother is bringing in yellow & blue cupcakes for after lunch! I also informed the staff and asked them all to wear blue & yellow! 

This picture is horrible I know!! I have got to get a better camera! But they really are bright & cute! AND simple! I also whipped these up SUPER SUPER fast.... (it's past bedtime) for others and staff that may forget to wear blue & yellow! 

You can snag these for free {here}!

The adorable flower frame came from "Amazing Classroom!"


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